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Monday, January 4, 2010

Come Fly With Me...

My real-time responses while watching The Bachelor tonight.

1. Wings of Love has to be the most corny title I have ever heard.

2. There is a lot of silicone up in herrrrr. He better not hug them too hard.

3. Besides having the same name, Jake and Jacob from Twilight have something else in common: DO THEY EVER WEAR SHIRTS?

4. Rozlyn was totally adorable until she brought on the "bumpy road" analogy.

5. Ali and the peacock feather. Oh my.

6. I love the name Tenley.

7. Cinci, Lex, and NKY are all represented. Hopefully, they're impressive.

8. Harley, er, Alexa, is scary.

9. Corrie totally threw him off with the Kissimmee comment. {She's B's favorite since I subject him to this once every year. He's a good sport.}

10. I like the Elizabeths.

11. I'm going to call that girl the Spinner Chick.

12. If you're on the bachelor to "win," maybe you should have been a guest on The Price is Right. Put your jelly beans away. Just sayin'.

13. Add Ali to the Bless Your Heart Club. Another faller.

14. At least Christina and I share the same sentiment about the boobs. I still think the jellybeans were over the top.


16. Ashleigh: bless your heart. I think she wants to FALL in love. {sorry, couldn't resist}

17. B just said, "Some people make me cringe and I can't breeeeeathe!" That was after the girl came zooming in like she was a plane.

18. Crying = not hot. "Copilot" analogy also terrible and cliched.

19. I kinda still love Jillian. I hope what her and Ed have is real.

20. Again, Christina, wow. Forcing him to play airplane with you, like your three?

21. The awkward turtle was totally swimming during Tenley's kiss. Oh boy.

22. Quote of the night: "You can land your plane on my landing strip any time."


Anonymous said...

Although I didnt watch the Bachelor tonight and have no idea what all of the stuff on this post is about, I will say that Tenley was/is one of our girl names. Love it! I've only heard it one other time. And hope your first day back was good!

Brit said...

okay... every bachelor night=another date night on twitter.

Thanks for sharing. The anticipation was killing me.

Lindsay Henry said...

And if you're trying to fall in love with someone should the first thing you say to them be, "Wow I watched you last season and I am so excited to meet you!" Okay maybe he is a mini-celebrity, but come on be a little more original!

Jennifer said...

Love it!! Tenley is an awesome name and probably my favorite girl at the moment. Can't wait to see the rest of the "drama" unfold!

Smith Family Forum said...

Dylan was going to be named Tenley IF he'd been a girl (Tenley Autumn to be exact)! There was an ice skater named Tenley Albright who was a commentator for the Winter Olympics(your history lesson for the day! ;D ). I heard it and absolutely LOVED it!

SGA Debbie :)

AbbyS. said...

OKAY AGREED! However, I do love Ali and Corrie. B has good taste!
Michelle and Vienna scare me a little bit and I am a little surprised he picked ole'jellybean girl! Yikes.
Some of those greetings made me so embarassed for them. I love this show and love that you blogged about it!

Gina said...

This made me laugh so hard. I agree with all of it. I love The Bachelor. I hate nerdy Jake. But I love me some Bachelor drama! And if you want some good spoilers, go to He's got a post today and promising even more tomorrow. God, it's terrible how into this show I am.....

Shannon said...

well i didn't watch the bachelor...not a huge fun. but i feel like i did after that list. i just laughed out loud in the library.

oh my goodness. thank you for the play by play. i'll just read your lists instead of watching. sounds perfect to me!