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Thursday, July 1, 2010


One of the worst possible things that can happen to a blogger is to lose something pertaining to your ability to take pictures (battery charger, cough, cough). This is a close second to losing a follower, of course. Ha ha ;)

So, yes, I cannot - FOR THE LIFE OF ME - locate the camera battery charger. I have turned this house upside down, sideways, and inside-out looking for the dang thing. For four days now I have been unable to document Becks every move, photograph my latest thrift finds, or how my wardrobe is consisting of mostly yellow these days (with subtleties of gray for good measure). I am so frustrated. I know I used it before we left for Gatlinburg two weeks ago, but it has since disappeared. I haven't looked in the basement, though maybe the mice staged a coup while we were away and carted it downstairs knowing I would never ever venture down there to look for it. Realistically, probably not, but that's how adamant I am that it is in this house somewhere.

What options do I have? Buy a universal charger from Target for $30? Or maybe just a whole new camera like the many DSLRs I have been lusting after? I am pressed for time with another vaca just around the corner, so this little issue needs to be solved right quick (as opposed to left quick?). Also because Becks is getting infinitely cuter every day and I'm missing valuable opportunities to document things such as this:

Yes, he is trying to ride his bike up the stairs. No small feat when gravity and right angles are really working against you. If you were to drive down our street on a sunny day, it isn't uncommon to see a diapered heiney performing such death-defying tasks. We live on the edge around these parts...and also let Becks "water" the flowers resulting in outdoor nakedness when he's drenched his clothes.

Here's to a great Thursday and hoping I locate the battery charger.


Gina said...

Pray to St. Anthony! I'm a "recovering Catholic" but I will pray to him for you too! He helps find lost items and he really does work every time!

Ashley said...

GOod luck locating the charger! Adorable pic :) I'm also noticing how pretty and green your grass is! lol!

rite said...

Love the pic!!! Boys are lots of fun!!! ha ha

Happy 4th!!!