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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Photography with a Three-Year-Old

Holy guacamole!  I am a mah-jor blog slacker.  I can’t help it.  We’re so busy we can’t see straight around these parts.  Also, the reign of the three-year-old dictator at our house is giving me little time or energy to devote to much elseSERIOUSLY.  Everyone said how bad the “terrible twos” would be, but no one warned us about “the thrice-as-bad threes.”  Okay, well, I made that phrase up, but the threes have not been kind to our family. 

We had some family pictures made last weekend and – I kid you not – we would tell Becks to go left and he would go right.  We’d say sit down and he’d stand up.  We’d say sit down and he’d run away.  This went on for about an hour before I could not handle another second. 

Fortunately, there were a couple of keepers out of the bunch…

The Mullins 229

The hat was a bribe.  As in, “Becks, if you cooperate, you can wear your Michigan hat!!!”  It was only somewhat effective. 

The Mullins 221 copy

Such a stinker.

The Mullins 061 copy

Lots more to talk about, but Becks is attempting to sit on me right now, which is code word for GET OFF THE COMPUTER, MOM, so I better get going.  Hope y’all are doing well!