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Thursday, May 26, 2011


My pumpkin pie finished his first year of pre-school today.  
First Day of School - September 2010
A whole school year gone in a flash.  And while my days in first grade are d-r-a-g-g-i-n-g by, it seems 12 kinds of crazy that my baby boy is moving to the "big kids'" class next year.  No really, that's what his teacher wrote in a note to us: I look forward to seeing Beckham in the hall next year in the big kids' class. 

Big kid?!  What?!

It's true.  Every bit of baby is gone.  No more pacifiers, diapers, or onesies.  All that's left is this amazing little kid who charms our pants off with his sweet little personality and hilarious conversations.  I can't think of one right now, but we're always laughing.  With him and at him :)

Also, he's an *extreme* stinker, keeping us on our toes at all times. 

When he walked into his end-of-the-year program with his class, he immediately made eye-contact with me manning the camera {of course} and would not smile at me! 

He struggled to keep it in for awhile, until he finally gave in and let us have a little grin.

And then he started performing. 

He's singing the "I love yooooooou!" part of Skidamarink.  I felt like a mommy superstar since he was pointing to me!
Love him.
This is when he recognized that the rest of our family was seated in a pew behind me.  Cute!
Happy Memorial Day Weekend, friends!

Monday, May 23, 2011

We built this marriage on rock-and-roll. Or hinge side Z-bars.

I have about a bazillion and seven things that I could post about tonight.  But, I'm super sick of writing listy-like posts, so I think I'm going to tell you all about the *free* marriage "retreat" B and I had this weekend. 

Also known as: we installed a new glass door together yesterday.  From 2pm to 10pm.  And, it technically cost $102.82, but I'm going to nix that cost since we provided the labor ourselves (which would have started at $99 if Home Depot installed it).  So, free.  Right?

Anyway, I use the term retreat loosely because it didn't feel very retreaty when I had to walk inside and leave B outside reading about the dang hinge side of the Z-bar because otherwise we were going to cause a dang scene standing on the deck "discussing" it.  And when we were discussing it, I can promise you that words like dang and gee golly were not our choice words.  Especially when we realized we installed the stupid hinge side of the Z-bar on the wrong dang side. 

It wasn't our best moment.

However, the retreaty part of the whole process was that we spent 8 straight hours together, in the sun, working together to accomplish something.  And we came out stronger in the end.  I may have asked for several corny high-fives and maybe even a chest-bump after we finished.  Because it felt 12 kinds of awesome to walk in and out of that door knowing that we, Super B & Super Abby, installed that bad boy ourselves. 

Take that hinge side Z-bar.  *chest bump*

I have no picture of this feat, but what I do have is my new hair.  My new pink hair.  Because I thought it would be totally fun to have a little pink hair mixed in on the underside of my regular highlight for this summer.  I kinda love it. 

The quality of this pic is no good.  But neither is my ability to take a self-portrait.  Forgive.

Happy, happy Monday.  From your resident Jem and the Holograms blogger ;)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

{What I Love Wednesday}

Jergen's Sunless Tanning Foam. 

This stuff works just like the sun with zero chance of skin cancer. Also, cheaper than a spray tan (thumbs up), but smells just the same (thumbs down).  

This kid.

Omiword, his chop-diggities (or teeth, if you'd rather) crack me up every time I see that sweet little smile.

Naturally Nora Chocolate Cupakes.

Oh. My. YUM.

A full week free of plumbing issues. 

Paying our plumber's monthly salary in three weeks was enough.  More than enough.

The weekend forecast.

Full of sun and yard sales.  Ahhhhhh.

Super cutie & super cheap owl earrings.

C/O Walmart.  For $4.88.  Loves.


I'll take one every day for the rest of the school year.  Anything to pass the time.

Urban Decay Big Fatty Mascara. 

Love, love, and LOVE this stuff. 

Happy Wednesday, y'all!!!

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It's Tuesday. And it's random.

1.  Somewhere in my house right now there is a lump of playdoh just waiting to be squashed into the carpet, smudged into a piece of furniture, or stomped beneath someone's feet.  I just have no idea where it is. 

2.  I am off today for election primaries.  Becks went to school and B is working.  This means I had FOUR glorious, guilt-free, kid-free, husband-free hours today TO MYSELF.  It was sublime. 

3.  I found an amazing round mirror at TJMaxx made from rolled magazine pages, clearanced for ten bucks.  Totally bought it.

4. A lesson in thrifting: Pick up a few old volumes of Reader's Digest novels.  You will not be disappointed. Because the vintage patterns on these little friends are to die for.  I have no idea what to do with them, besides stack them or prop them underneath something, but when I figure it out I'll let you know.  {Also note my absolutely *favorite* novel on the bottom of the stack.  My sister admitted to selling off my original paperback, so I just had to buy this one for $1.  If you've never read Summer Sisters by Judy Blume, I totally and completely recommend it for the beach this summer.  I bet I've read it a half dozen times. Loves it.}

For the record, the bananas in the background of this pic did finally make their way to the garbage. 

5.  A lesson in Target: They're selling Calypso St. Barth goodies right now, and this little silver hurricane is so totally worth $7.99.  When you put a tea light inside, it's like magic with little rays of light peeking out of all those tiny holes. 

6.  A lesson in bedhead: Just throw a damp washcloth on it, let sit, take picture, comb and voila! no more bedhead! 

7.  A lesson in plumbing: do not flush baby wipes down the toilet.  A bad, expensive, disgusting, embarrassing idea.  Also, that snake pulled out three random golfballs. 

8.  I'm out of lessons. 

9.  It's rainy and gloomy for the 276th day straight. 

10.  I haven't painted or hung my thrifted mirror yet, so Becks has taken to using it for entertainment. 

Happy, happy Tuesday blog world!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

{Almost} Wordless Wednesday

Some battles just aren't worth fighting...
...especially if it means I get to thrift in peace. 

{Becks is behind that umbrella, seated pleased as a peach in his stroller.  You do what you've got to do sometimes.}

Monday, May 9, 2011

It could always be worse. Right?

So.  We have had some plumbing issues as of late.  As in, all the plumbing in our house is causing us twelve kinds of drama.  And when I say all, I truly mean all.  The kitchen sink?  Yup.  The indoor drain?  Check.  The outdoor drain?  Uh huh.  The toilet.  But of course.  The shower?  Mmmm hmmm.  Oh wait.  The water heater, too. 

I am not even kidding you.  Every stinkin' bit of plumbing-related equipment in our house is having issues.  It's lots of fun.  Especially for the checkbook.  And occasionally the plunger.  To put it in perspective - take your mortgage, multiply it by three, and you'll get an idea of how much richer our local plumber is.  Oy. 

Needless to say, I'm kind of over it.  When I was talking to my mom about it tonight, I just had to break into a slap-happy giggle because seriously?!  SERIOUSLY.  It's out of control.  And also the product of living in an older home. 

The good news is that nothing has been ruined (despite the 27,000 inches or rain in the past month and a thrice flooded basement), and there has been no sewage involved.  At least not yet. 

Hold up.

Running to knock on some wood. 

I just figure that one day when we're older, B and  I will look back and reflect on the year that our money went down the drain {pun completely intended} and how comical it was that everything went wrong within a months time of each other.  You know, as if we'd not invested enough into our aging home lately with the kitchen remodel and the addition of the deck.  Figures. 

There is really no moral to this story (or pictures). And it's not really a complaint. Just a fact of life. One of the adult things we have to deal with. Like filing taxes or renewing car tags. Completely obnoxious, yet completely necessary.

And also just goes to show you that life is what happens when you're busy making other plans :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sunshine on my Shoulders. {Finally}

My word, this sunny weekend was just what I needed.  Mostly so I can return to my usual chipper-self, but also so I can quit smelling like fake tan foam.  {Don't believe it when the can says "odor free."  I've been smelling myself for a week now, and I smell like I'm freshly spray tanned every day.  Sorry if you had to sit next to me in church today.}

Anyway, warm weather means that my favorite season has returned: yard sale season!  And, boy did I score some good loot yesterday.  First off is this fantastic, blue dresser that I'm going to repaint and put in Becks' big boy room sometime this summer. 

How much?  Ten buckaroos!!!!  Loves it.
 I should wholly admit to you that I am an optimistic upcycler, as evidenced by the mound of "things to be painted" in the basement that's accumulated everything from furniture pieces, to baskets, to frames.  And as if my current pile  wasn't enough, I found this *12 kinds of amazing* mirror at the same yardsale and could not say no.  Especially when the former owner let me talk her down from $15 to $12.  Gotta love the ability to bargain.  I plan to paint it white.  Eventually.

And this little darling was found at the same spot for a buck.  Apothocary jars just speak to me, so I couldn't pass 'im up.  {Seated next to the apothocary jar is the squat, little lantern that Becks picked out for Mother's Day for me - for your new kitchen, he explained :)  So totally precious.}

Then there was my tuck-n-run (a deal so good you better escape before the owner realizes it and changes the price), as Raechel would call it over at Finding My Feet.  It was a Cooshee Seat for $5!  These babies are around $40 retail, and my MIL just bought one earlier in the week for Becks to use at her house (he has one at our house already).  I was so pumped!

 I decided to keep all the guess work out of what I might want for Mother's Day this year, and told B that I wanted to go out on a date.  We ate at Mitchell's and then went to see Water for Elephants, which was soooo good.  I mean, two words: Robert. Pattinson.  But the storyline was great, too!  {FYI: I have not read the book.}

Today, we spent time with both of our mothers, and spent lots and lots of time outside. 

'Scuse the squinky eyes.  That's the sun's-in-my-face face. 
Omiword, I love these two!
The sunny weather and warm temperatures even encouraged me to lace up my neglected running shoes and go for a jog.  Besides the fact that my legs feel a little jello-y, it was a great run.  Even more so because I listened to this amazing band...

Per my sissy's recommendation, I downloaded their album Sigh No More and totally love it.  To say that they are a mix of celtic-bluegrass-Dave-Matthews-Band is totally spot on! 

And now, I'm going to tend to my unkempt house.  Because who has time to clean during a weekend like this?

Happy Sunday!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Random on a Wednesday.

1.  There are 18 days of school remaining.  I think I'm going to make it.   That's not to say I'll be completely sane come June, though.

2.  Becks is successfully potty training himself.  I chalk it up to the disappearing spaceship on the Toy Story pull-ups.  No two-year-old wants the spaceship to "fly away."

3.  Sometimes, we will occasionally throw out a Can I get a hottub?! from the State Farm commercial.  Just randomly. 

4.  I haven't couponed successfully in a long, long time. 

5.  No light fixtures in the kitchen still.  But that doesn't mean I don't love it.  I love, love, love, LOVE it.  Desipte it's lightlessness, it is a bright spot in my life when the temps are in the thirties and there is zero sun.

6.  Shopping with preschoolers is for the birds.  Which is why I bought an obscene amount of new clothes at Target on Saturday and promptly returned all but two tees.  Dragging Becks to the dressing room to endure me scowling at outfit after outfit under those incandescent lights just isn't worth it.  I'd rather scowl in my own mirror.

7.  Are you as over leggings as I am?  I have worn the heck out of mine since October, and I'm ready for sundress season.  Typing that as the heat kicks on...

8.  John Stamos as a bad guy on Law and Order just isn't right.  He'll always be Uncle Jesse Katsopolis to me.

9.  On that note, I always wanted to be like D.J. Tanner when I was like nine.  Who wouldn't want Kimmie Gibler as a best friend?

10.  The other day, I was randomly thinking - no lie - can I still name the main characters on Saved by the Bell.  The answer?  Of course.  Zack Morris, AC Slater, Screech Powers, Kelly Kapowski, Jessie Spano, & Lisa Turtle.  Kinda makes you want to go grab a burger at The Maxx, huh?  Or at least reenact the I'm so excited! scene...

Monday, May 2, 2011

What's the deal?

The deal is I really don't have a deal.  I've just been about twelve kinds of busy.  I think?  Or just rather uninspired and wrapped up in life.  Or drowned in rain. Since, seriously, the sun only shines for about ten minutes before B's clamoring around in the basement, rigging up some contraption to catch rainwater to prevent it from flooding the lower level of our home. This has been the story of our lives here for going on two months and I'M OVER IT.  The musty basement smell just really isn't doing it for me anymore.  Also, sun might inspire me and help me shake the blah-bliggity-blahs.

In other news, we took Becks to meet his idol yesterday.  Dude was huge.  I, personally, couldn't care less about autographs or collectibles or boy things like that.  But, I am the momma of boy child and figure I might as well get used to doing boy things like waiting in line for an hour to meet Josh Harrellson.  And, yes, he was wearing jorts.  Love it.  Between autographing and picture-taking, he would stop and glance over at the TV that was replaying the UK/WVU game. Hilarious.  He was super nice, in case you're wondering. 

All that fanfare wore him right out!  It was short-lived, though.  Fifteen minutes, tops!

Beck and his Uncle Patrick.  I don't even want to tell you how much I spent on unplayable basketballs yesterday!

Happy Monday, friends!