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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Sweet precious boy. Just riding in style. Foward facing.
Getting way too big. Sigh.

Monday, June 29, 2009

A Might-y Monday

While lots of you are Not-Me Mondaying along with MckMama and friends, I decided that a Might-y Monday works better for me. I have tried to format my posts to be not-me-ish, but I can't seem to say things just right and that really bothers me. So, y'all keep not-meing, and I'll just be mighty-ing over at my side of blogworld.

Might-y Monday

I might have eaten a frosted shortbread cookie left over from Baby B's First Birthday Bash for breakfast this morning.

We might have been planning to get a brand-new Little Tykes Cozy Coupe for Baby B for his birthday. My parents might have found one brand new-ish at a yardsale on Saturday. FOR THREE DOLLARS. We might have been very, very excited.

I might have carried armfulls of clothes and random household items and placed them directly in Baby B's bedroom at the top of the stairs yesterday, so that our guests could be illusioned into believing that we keep the lower half of our house clean.

Some guests (cough, KatieandScott, cough) might have wandered up there anyway and politely tried to convince me that it didn't look that bad up there.

They might have been lying.

I might throw in a random pic or two from Baby B's party yesterday in this post.

There still might be a shortage of Diet Coke around these parts, but I might be getting my caffeine fix from Folgers instead.

I might think that Baby B's new shoes from his loverly Aunt Aubs are the cutest thing EVER, though it might be hard to wiggle his fat little piggies into them.

Baby B might try to eat those shoes while they are on his feet.

I might have received a second thank-you note from the car salesman who sold us my new ride two weeks ago. He might be sucking up to get more business, no?

I might have made far too much food for Baby B's First Birthday Bash yesterday, so I might be eating a vegetable tray, black bean and corn salsa, and hotdogs for lunch and dinner for the next three days.

I might be okay with that.

I might go thrifting this afternoon. Or I might do laundry.

I might be more upset over the sudden death of infomercial pitchman Billy Mays than I am over the death of Michael Jackson.

But, I might think that Beat It! and Thriller are far superior to the Shamwow any day.

We might get to see Auntie Allie today before she goes to The Fray concert. I might wish I were going too.

I might have partially defalted primary colored balloon floating sadly next to my front steps.
Baby B might call them Bwoos in his own garbled, babyspeak.

I might have the cutest child ever. He might be ONE now. I might be sad.

I might think that you need to play Might-y Monday too!

If you want to play, simply make a list of things you might-have done. Have a Mighty Good Monday!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

I might have cried when I wrote this post.

Dear Baby B,

I have just put your down for the night on the eve of your First Birthday, after we read extra stories and sang extra songs. I might have cried a little bit while reading one of your favorite stories about a mommy and her little boy - I love it because of its sentimental value, and you love it because you get to press a button that lights up and plays a song at the end of the story. Everyone wins.

Part of the story says If you weren't my little boy, there'd be a hole in my heart. And just how true those words are. I could not imagine life without you and have absolutely enjoyed every single stinkin' moment of this past year. All of them. Midnight feedings and spoon-throwing tantrums included.

There are far more things I would, could, and should say to you - but I will save those words for a letter that I will place in your baby book. The book that I barely kept up with this past year, though I think that this blog is detailed enough for you get a good idea of when you got your first tooth and tried strained bananas for the first time. If not, there's always the 1534 digital pictures that I have between two different computers that you could review - file foldered according to month. That averages out to about 4 pictures a day. Just so you know.

I love you so big, sweet boy. Happy, happy, happy birthday to you!

Love, Momma

PS. We might have let you devour sample a Graeter's chocolate, sprinkled ice cream cone on your very own for the very first time today. We had a private, little family celebration on a picnic table at the local shop, where you devoured this cone as if it was your last. You were messy and chocolatey and full of love for your ice cream. You gave all the customers quite a treat as they re-circled through the drivethrough just to get a better look at your chocolate covered face, hands, legs, and clothes. It was precious. Probably one of top ten experiences that we've had with you this past year. We stripped you right down in the parking lot, toweled you off, and then immediately took you home and plopped you in the tub. The perfect end to a great day.
PSS. Aunt Aubz, I promise to post the pics of your present tomorrow when I show the others ;)

Friday, June 26, 2009

T-minus 24 hours...

How to Eat Dinner When You are One

Guestpost by Baby B - an almost 1-year-old

First and foremost is our mantra: throw it on the floor. This will be a recurring theme throughout this whole post.

Let's begin...

First, resist all attempt to be belted you into your highchair. You cannot let the grown-ups know that you actually do want to eat. Defy them and arch your back so that your head is basically touching the heels of your feet. This act will give your parents a huge sense of accomplishment once you're strapped in - and tests their patience. What parent of a one-year-old doesn't need a little more patience testing?

Next comes the bibbing. The act of bibbing has been passed down for ages and serves to protect our clean onesie from smashed bananas, dribbled juice, and grainy applesauce. Once the bib is velcroed in place, do you best to rip that sucker right off of you. Bib shmib, who needs one? After you have said bib in your hand, throw it on the floor. When your mom comes back with the entree du jour, you give her a big grin while peering over the side of your highchair. All will be forgiven because you're so darn cute, and the bib will be replaced. Repeat this step one more time and then give up.

Now that you're one, you probably receive a smattering of all the food groups in neat little piles on your highchair. If this isn't the case, and your get your food in actual dishes, empty their contents immediately onto your tray and then throw all the dishes on the floor. If you get yours in neat little piles, do your best to mix everything together and then run your hands through your hair for good measure. If you smile and/or laugh while doing this, you'll be excused again because you're so darn cute. Trust me, I know.

Let me give you an example: tonight, my mom gave me zucchini & squash rounds (actual, not the mushed up kind) along with some blueberries while she got the rest of my dinner ready.
After giving everything a good once over, I chucked it all on the floor. I threw 22 blueberries in sporadic places throughout the dining room, and kept 7 for squishing purposes. After I squished them to fullest capacity, I then threw those overboard too. I'm thorough like that.

Then mom brought me brown rice and black beans. I will try anything once, and - lucky for her - this stuff wasn't half bad. I let her spoon-feed me three bites and then wouldn't open my mouth unless I was able to hold the spoon myself. I put the end of the spoon in my mouth and let beans and rice fall on the tray. Then I threw the spoon on the floor. Are you seeing how this works?

While mom is picking the spoon up off of the floor, I use that time to remove the bib and throw it on the floor too. I have to be consistent.

Oh, and if you want to really spice of your meal, blow raspberries whilst you have a full mouth of juice or any food of the strained variety. This only adds to the experience, promise.

Once your meal is complete, just grin and babble and laugh off the whole experience. All will be forgiven. Until the next meal at least :)

Remember when?

I just want to redirect you here, for a little day of remembrance.
Nooooo, not of Michael Jackson, but of someone far more important to me.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Just a Thursday.

We're having a thunderstorm here, sans buckets of rain. Literally, just a thunderstorm. An occasional huge crack of lightning, but mostly just lots and lots of loud thundering.

I had to step out on the porch just a minute ago to remind God that Um, excuse me God? But, my son is sleeping. Um, okay, thanks.

He reared back with an even louder clap of thunder and lots of blowing wind. Don't worry, I know who's Boss.

Seriously, the sky is blue right now. It's the craziest thing. And it's been going on for like an hour. I keep waiting for the downpour, but right now it's just lots of noise. Thankfully, Baby B is napping right through it.

We spent the early afternoon at the pool, happily splashing and pouring water from one beach pail to the next. My pasty whiteness if finally being replaced by a nice, warm base tan that I hope to maintain. It's difficult to build it back up after taking last summer off to, you know, have a baby and all.

My intention was to hit up a favorite thrift store and the farmer's market when Baby B wakes up, but I think he's pulling an all-afternooner. Sometimes they're the best kind of naps where I can get a lot done. So far I've done...well, I guess I did put the blocks away for the 407th time in the past week (garage sale score for $1!) and I'm going to go downstairs and rewash a load of laundry that probably should have been removed from the washer 72 hours ago, but you know.

{Oooh, here comes the rain.}

Well, I must get on with life...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We gave it our best shot, er, several shots...

B took some pics of Baby B and me yesterday. To no avail. He was not having any of this picture taking business.
At one point, he did make this really cute face though - as if to say: nah nah nah nah nah.

The classic I've tilted my chin back way too far picture. I am notorious for this pose.

A pause for some mulch tasting...

And the session concludes with this. Yup, not having any of this picture taking business.

* * * * *

Summer is going by too doggone fast. I will be saying that for the next eight weeks.

I went up to school today to start working on my room. Lots of rearranging and repositioning. I need to make a list of all the things that need to be done in the next 50 days, but even thinking about all the things that will be on that list makes my brain spin in my skull.

I have so many good ideas. Good ideas that I want to share, but I think they might go unappreciated by my BFFs who are not of the teaching variety. I mean, designing nametags and researching literacy centers doesn't really take heart with everyone. I've considered starting a teaching blog/website before, but with this blog, the new Etsy store, my family, and my job, I just don't know if I'll get around to it. I can barely do laundry, for goodness sake.

Plus, I've attempted some graphic designing in my mediocre Microsoft Paint application and the quality is not bloggable. Sigh.

One day when I'm rich I'll get around to buying and learning Adobe Illustrator or something similar. Or one day when I make enough money in my PayPal account from Etsying I will just purchase a pre-made template from inkOBSESSION. Love her. You must, must, must check out her cute designs.

Anyways, I think I have a grilled cheese calling my name.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

You said you needed your daily dose of cute?

New stuff at Saving Vases on Etsy...go have a look-see!

And if you came here to have a look-see at my sweet precious, here he is at breakfast this morning devouring a blue plate blueberries and a waffle. Love him.

And a strawberry at lunch...

...which resulted in an outfit change.

Lastly, brushing all the cavity buggies off - one of his favorite activities. Not kidding. Whenever he's angry at me for taking him off of the stairs (yes, he can climb!) or taking something away from him, I can always resort to the old toothbrush. Healthy and entertaining at the same time.

Dr. Blomer, are you proud?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Isn't she lovely? Isn't she wonderful?

More about above picture in uno minuto....

Is anyone else mildly massively repulsed with TANNER right now on The Bachelorette? FOR REAL.

Gag, retch, bleh!
Earth to Jilly, Earth to Jilly: GET RID OF TANNER.

I mean, on public television, people, he is broadcasting his, um, preferance for finely fashioned footsies. Creepy!

All that on top of droppin' trou. BabblingAbby's prediction...bye, bye Tanner Bananer.
* * * * *
And now back to regularly scheduled posting...

Yes, we now loudly and blatantly profess our brand loyalty for all vehicles Volkswagen.
Kathy the Pathy has been replaced. By a pre-minivan. No need to make fun. I know that I've upgraded to an almost-mom car. But it's a pretty sweet mom-like car. Even with its luggage rack capabilities.
And I adooooooore it. And that's pretty much all that matters.

And, I do, in fact, still have a really cute boy child. Who will be ONE in t-minus five days. Eeeeh!

You're myyyyyyy, brown-eyed boy. Do you remember when? We used to sing...sha la la la la la la la la la ti da!


I was a little leery of cluing you into my latest endeavor. For fear of failure mostly. I told those close to me (i.e. B, my mom, my sisters) that I would go public as soon as I had my first sale.

And, stop. the. world., I had my first two sales last night. Yippee!!!

You all know that I love to garage sale, thrift, and garbage pick. So, now I'm trying to profit from one of my most favorite hobbies. I've taken to collecting the odd assortment of container-thingies. Mostly vintage, all unique. Things you don't typically find on your weekly run to Target.

I don't know why I'm drawn to containers, specifically, but it could be because I love for everything to have its place. You might never know this by looking at the pictures a couple posts down, but, I promise. all that stuff has somewhere to go.

Anyway, so I now have an Etsy store called Saving Vases. If you're unfamiliar with Etsy, it is a wonderful online market full of vintage and handmade wares. I could spend hours on there perusing individual shops. You can visit my store by clicking on the graphic above or the highlighted link. I will also include a sample of my items on my sidebar.

Feel free to shop - let me know you found my shop through my blog and I'll discount your item ;)

PS. Pics of Baby B and new car to come... My camera is still on the fritz, so I'm having to borrow my mom's. Patience, dear friends.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to one fantastic daddy!

We love you, B!

Love, Abby And Your Mini-Me

Friday, June 19, 2009

I didn't really want to clean up this today...
Nor did I want to think about cleaning this...

Wasn't really in the mood to recycle everything to the right of the sink. Wasn't really in the mood to drink that coffee either.

I had no intention of putting any of this away....

And I didn't even want to think about what was beyond that door...

Why, you ask? Because THE AIR CONDITIONER THAT WE BOUGHT LESS THAN A MONTH AGO IS OUT. And it's HOTTER than HADES inside and out. And if I so much as move a muscle I am sweating like a wrestler whose trying to make his weight. If that makes any sense. I'm hot. There.

I did clean it though. All of it. Maybe not perfectly but mostly, without running the vacuum so I didn't wake up Baby B - also known around these parts as The Teething Tyrant. God grant me patience.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

What I might have done today...

***Please take a moment to Pray for Stellan this morning. Visit When a Duet Becomes a Trio and leave Linds a comment to let her know you've prayed. She will be forwarding her list to MckMama.***

I might have let Baby B entertain himself with a spoon and a bowl of applesauce.

I might have had a disastrously messy baby to clean up afterwards.

I might have let Baby B further enterain himself by unfolding an entire basket of laundry.

I might have spent $1.06 at the McD's drive through- on my debit card, no less - because I am completely out of Diet Coke.

I might have forgotten to charge my camera batteries again. For the fifth day in a row.

I might have worn a $3 clearanced shirt from Target today.

I might have traded my sister an out-of-use Vera Bradley messenger bag in exchange for a pair of Croc flip flops.

I might have just eaten dinner at 9:30pm.

I might have bid adieu to my money pit SUV yesterday...

...which means I might have bought a new car in the past 24 hours.

I might be writing a whole 'nother post describing the amazing deal we got.

I might have let Baby B sample real milk for the first time today.

I might have spiked that milk with chocolate to entice him to drink it.

I might have opened an Etsy shop today.

I might have taken a wagon walk with Baby B up and down our streets a dozen times just so I could watch him wave and holler at his daddy who was mowing the lawn.

I might have walked up and down a couple more times so I could eye how good my new car looked in our driveway.

I might have serenaded Baby B today with a made-up song that included the words Toodle Goose and Noodle Bug.

I might have procrastinated a bit too much in the development of Baby B's birthday invites.

I might have printed only one out for his baby book's sake.

I might be sending an eVite.

I might have talked aloud to myself today professing my hatred for the teeth-cutting process.

I might have thought about my list of might-haves throughout the day today in preparation for this post.

But, then again, I might not have.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Give me some H-E-L-P!

I worked on this all after-friggin'-noon. When I should have been doing laundry and the like. But, Baby B took a good nap, and this needed to get done big day is less than 2 weeks away. Sigh.

I had to design it in Microsoft Word because I don't own Photoshop or inDesign or anything fancy that you designers do. (Though I wish I did...ADOBE, if you are listening, I would WELCOME donated copies to try out...hint, hint, hint.)

So here it is. The El Cheapo Way to make a birthday invitation...

It looks much better in person, non-pixilated and non-blurred (so you can't stalk me, of course).

It's simple, but effective. And I am totally coveting design software now.

BUT, I am totally open and welcoming to suggestions. I think it needs more. A polkadotty background maybe? Some clip art? What are your thoughts????

And I'm kind of theme-less at this point. Mama Faith did a darling primary color cupcake party and it was spectacular. Again, I welcome your polite suggestions on this matter.

Oh, and if you're Adobe and want to contact me about donating the above mentioned software, I'm at babblingabby(at)gmail(dot)com. :P

***Edited to add...please go visit a sorority sis of mine over at Maple & Shade for a great giveaway. This girl's got great style and talent!***

Monday, June 15, 2009

Written while watching The Bachelorette

Hi! Hi! Hi!

We missed you. Er, I missed you, oh bloggy friends of the internet.

We did, in fact, visit Pigeon Forge, TN over the weekend, spending a lovely long weekend with my extended family. I know this will shock you, but I took like 8 pictures all weekend long...and NONE of them were of Baby B! Or me! This was not intentional. I was too busy chasing after my almost 1-year-old (insert audible SOB here) away from the stairs and always-open front door. Note to self: next year, bring baby gates.

Lucky for you, I did score a pic of B making himself useful in the kitchen. The men were in charge of breakfast every day, and B made the pancake batter while fellow blogging cousin-in-law, Brad (husband to Heather over at The White House), made perfectly perfect pancakes. They were delicious. (I also intend to steal many pictures from Heather in the near future. She was on her game and snapped some great ones!)

Moving on...

This week is super busy. My list keeps getting longer and longer. I think we're going to have an impromptu garage sale this weekend. This will be our third one in three years. I might have mentioned that before. We just have lots and lots of stuff. Naturally, it's supposed to thunderstorm. Add to that a heavy dose of car drama, birthday party planning, bill paying, laundry doing, and a dollop of school work (yes, I'm still working over the summer), and you have yourself a recipe for Busyness - Babbling Abby style.

Baby B and I went swimming today at Nana M's for the first time. Ever. And he love, love, loved it. This child of mine loves to be outside, entertained by water and trees and grass and birds and cars and other small creatures. Dogs send him over the edge. He jumps and hollers, pining for their attention. It's adorable. I have a feeling that we will spend a lot of time this summer in the water and outside. I'm okay with that.

Lastly, I want to remind you how much Baby B loves G, his giraffe. I always ask him where G is when he gets up in the morning or from a nap. He dilligently turns around, grabs that stinky tail and happily extends both arms upwards so that I can pick him and G up. I could just about die from the overload of adorableness every time. G happened to be stuck in the laundry basket the other day (that stinky tail requires a weekly wash, usually snuck from Baby B's grasp while he naps), and Baby B had to perform gymnastics in order to save him.

Once he rescued him, he had to snuggle G extra close. And it was extra cute.

PS. Please tell me that someone besides me caught Speidi make complete ninnies of themselves on The Today Show this morning. Anyone?! I saw a follow up on Extra! and Heidi said that she would pray for Al Roker, who she deemed possessed by the devil or something during the interview. CrAzY.

PSS. Jesse on The Bachelorette just said he was gleaming and glowing after his date with Jilly. Gleaming and glowing, people. I can't help it. I like Jake. But, since he's The Nice Guy she's not interested??? I don't get it. Whatever.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Laundry - check.

Because feet are sweet to eat!

Well, I've emerged from the pile mountain avalanche of laundry that took over our basement, and finally have a spare moment to blog about it. It's rainy here today, so in lieu of our morning walk I made pancakes. I ate mine with maple syrup, and Baby B mostly threw his on the floor. Along with his banana and juice. We had a little talk about table manners, but he insisted that everything tasted so much better after a good dose of dust and dirt. You choose your battles, right?

There's not a whole lot to report around these parts. Besides emptying bottles of Free and Clear Purex, we've spent a great deal of our summer so far rooting on the Redwings (I'm fairly certain they lost last night so they could win The Cup in Detroit on Friday night...), hanging out with my sisters and co., and spending lots of time in the wagon outside.

We leave tonight for a long weekend in Tennesee and won't be home until Sunday. If our chalet has internet access, I'll try to post. If not, have a great weekend!

PS. There's a great Lilly Giveaway at No Apologheez which I encourage you to check out and enter.

PSS. Katie's wedding pics are online and are GORGEOUS. See them here. You will see a crazy one of me dancing/singing - probably to Gold Digger or Don't Stop Believin'....don't judge. She'd be pleased as pie if you'd leave a comment. Not here, but on the picture post.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Wings sing-along...

Tell me I don't have the cutest niece ever...GO WINGS!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Did someone open a vent?

Right now I am avoiding loading my dishwasher. Dishes, cups, and silverware litter the small counterspace between range and sink and are begging for a good scrub. But, if I load it, I will have to run it. And if I run it, then it will be waiting for me to unload it bright and early in the morning.

So, I'll procrastinate loading it by convincing myself that I can stuff Baby B's breakfast dishes somewhere in there and then run it. There are so many other chores that need to be completed tomorrow morning, namely laundry, so I don't need to add another one to the list. That's just too much pressure for 7am. The laundry is daunting enough. (I think laundry is mentioned in about 84% of my posts. Recurring theme, no?)

After all that prep for our VFH (very first houseguests for those of you living under a rock), I am so sick of cleaning and prettying that I pretty much gave up the entire past week. There was, at some point yesterday, seven diapers laying in various spots throughout the house because I was silently protesting replacing the bag in the kitchen garbage can. Since we spent most of the day out of the house (yardsales!!!zoo!!!Redwings!!!), I really wasn't that concerned about it. I should have saved that little gem of info for Not Me Monday, but I'm throwing it out there tonight, admitting the squalor as pathetic and disgusting as it may sound.


There has been so much going on the past two weeks that Baby B's schedule is completely off. His nap schedule has been thrown off countless times, and we're both adjusting to me being home. It took him almost an hour to fall asleep tonight. He usually has no trouble putting himself to sleep (we're self-soother advocates - it's what has worked best for us) which usually means that he babbles to himself for 5-10 minutes and then sleeps from 7:30pm-7:00am. Last night he was up twice before I brought him to bed with us at 4am, and then was up for good by 6am. He spent most of the time between 4am and 6am repositioning himself between me and B (read: sticking his feet in my face), examining my nostrils, pulling my hair, and trying to put Stinky G's tail in my mouth. Not a whole lot of sleeping going on.

Nevertheless, he had a rotten day, which involved lots of fussing and clinging and whining and crying. And then I vowed to never let him miss a nap again because I felt like fussing and whining and crying when it was 8pm and he wasn't showing signs of relenting. Rocking and singing weren't even an effective solution. Finally, I took a magazine and a Diet Coke and sat on the front porch, opting for the cry it out solution. Him, not me, of course. Fifteen minutes later, both of us had soothed ourselves - though only mine required the consumption of carbonated caffeine. I hope that all will be back to normal tomorrow, and I do fault myself for this little blip in babydom...

Thanks for listening, BFFs, I needed that.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Thrift in the form of a Banana Yellow Unitard

*Go check out my BFF, Nat, at It's a Charmed Life and her sweet giveaways! *
It's Friday night. B is snoring sleeping on the couch. I'm listening to the most recent BooMama & BigMama podcast, while totally cracking up at their hilarious banter and sweet southern accents (because those accents totally add to the funny) and blogging at the same time.

It's an exciting night at the Babbling Household. Yesiree.

We did spice things up and eat Hot Pockets that I got on sale at Kroger for seventy-seven cents earlier. You're jealous, I know it.

I think it's officially summer, well, except for the fact that the calendar says it doesn't start until June 21st. Doesn't it seem like summer will be halfway over by June 21st or at least a third of the way? Summer should be open for business on Memorial Day. Same as the pools. And schools should be closed until Labor Day. But, that's mostly the teacher in me talking.

We're starting out our summer with stomatitis. That's a fancy name for a throat infection or something. Whatever you do, don't wikepedia it because you will see a baby who, bless his heart, looks like he's contracted a terrible, awful disease around his mouth. And that is not what Baby B looks like. He has that fancy infection on his tonsils, and it's manifesting itself through an overall cranky disposition and a 102 degree fever. It's another one of those tylenol-motrin-tylenol-motrin kind of days.

Chels and I went garage sale-ing today, complete with THREE carseats in the backseat of my car. $2.25 was spent on an apothocary jar (for a quarter!) and a crystal goblet (maybe it's a candy dish, but goblet sounds so much fancier). We're going out again in the morning sans our darling entourage because I'm sure you can imagine how much fun it is to repeatedly extricate a 23 lb boy child from the middle carseat over either of his cousins and then reposition him in yet another child-restraining device while I peruse stranger's junk. Especially when he's all stomatitisish.

Garage sale-ing seems to rank right up there with couponing: cheap thrills. The same rush I get when I purchase a pack of Oscar Mayer's for free (like I did today) is the same rush I get when I find an apothocary jar for a quarter. Loves it. I still need to post a pic of the totally awesome 1970s one piece capri outfit that got from the thrift store the other day. I think I mentioned it. Just telling you about it wouldn't be the same as me actually showing it to you, though. Let me help you visualize: I resemble a banana with an accentuated mom-pouch. And I use the term mom-pouch lovingly, since I am a mom and all. If I can convince my husband to take a picture of me in it, I will post it. Hold on...

And there you have it. He obliged, after a little protesting that I would post this totally fabulous find on my blog and actually be wearing it. I haven't even washed it yet. It cost $2.59. Since I'm on a yellow kick I thought it was a score - either it would be a cute, summer unitard OR I would snip the seams at the legs to make a flowy dress OR I would chop it to pieces and make some accents for our Yellow Submarine Living Room. The verdict is out on the unitard, though, and I'm probably going to nix that. Can't quite decide yet on the latter two. I do love it's vintage greatness. Especially those bonus pockets. Didn't even know it had those until I tried it on.

Off to bed, sweet BFFs. Happy Weekend :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009


I love to draw. And color. And sketch. And doodle.

Today I shared that love with my son.

There is nothing like new box of crayons. Whether you're 5 or 26. You still appreciate the sharp tips and vibrant colors.

And you still hate when the tips dull. Or when one breaks. At least I do.

Baby B and I have many art projects to attack over the next many years. This summer we will start with crayons and chalk and finger paints.