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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Laundry - check.

Because feet are sweet to eat!

Well, I've emerged from the pile mountain avalanche of laundry that took over our basement, and finally have a spare moment to blog about it. It's rainy here today, so in lieu of our morning walk I made pancakes. I ate mine with maple syrup, and Baby B mostly threw his on the floor. Along with his banana and juice. We had a little talk about table manners, but he insisted that everything tasted so much better after a good dose of dust and dirt. You choose your battles, right?

There's not a whole lot to report around these parts. Besides emptying bottles of Free and Clear Purex, we've spent a great deal of our summer so far rooting on the Redwings (I'm fairly certain they lost last night so they could win The Cup in Detroit on Friday night...), hanging out with my sisters and co., and spending lots of time in the wagon outside.

We leave tonight for a long weekend in Tennesee and won't be home until Sunday. If our chalet has internet access, I'll try to post. If not, have a great weekend!

PS. There's a great Lilly Giveaway at No Apologheez which I encourage you to check out and enter.

PSS. Katie's wedding pics are online and are GORGEOUS. See them here. You will see a crazy one of me dancing/singing - probably to Gold Digger or Don't Stop Believin'....don't judge. She'd be pleased as pie if you'd leave a comment. Not here, but on the picture post.


Mommy Webb said...

Haha, becks is too sweet. I wish that we lived close, Abz. We would have SO MUCH FUN together. Seriously. Maybe we can just throw out a few counties in between us and make that happen:). Kay?

And Katie's pics are gorgeous. Love that one of you!

Anonymous said...

Where in TN? That's where I live! Maybe Gatlinburg since you said you will be in a chalet? Have fun!

The Pettijohn's said...

So, all that hockey has been playing on my tv the past few weeks...and I'm having a hard time getting involved :)

Hockey ain't big in Texas! ha!

Sure is in PA...

Hope you guys have a great wknd in Tenn!

Jessica said...

who needs toys when you have your toes, right?

Nat said...

Could Baby B get any cuter? The wedding pics are gorgeous- I love the reception venue, what a fun place and your singing is awesome!