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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The rest is still unwritten...

Let's just get right to the point here and discuss what happened on The Hills this past season. The finale aired on Sunday, so your's truly didn't get to watch it until Tuesday on MTV online. For those of you judgmental of my sleazy reality TV ways, you may want to skip this post and come back tomorrow when I post my most recent thrifty find.
Let's begin.
I am sad that LC is done with The Hills and will now go on to bigger and better things. I will miss the awkward pauses and brutal honesty that she brings to the show. I mean, you have to have balls to fire one of your BFFs, ya know?
I could have told you from Day One that Stephanie wasn't going to work out at People's Revolution. While I like her and the mass amounts of drama she can stir up between each cast member, she has the work ethic of a log. That or ADD or both, I'm not sure. And how funny was the whole pouting bit about not being the maid-of-honor? FOR REAL. Holly wouldn't have been my ideal candidate either, but she's Heidi's sister for goodness sake.
So, I thought that Spence actually approached the whole Holly-throwing-food episode in a tactful manner, and then Holly just lost it. She was rude. I mean, you're 25, dear, and you're throwing food at your little brother across the table at a rehearsal dinner. You don't have to be eating with a king or queen to have good table manners, sister. Surely your parents afforded you some kind of etiquette school or Emily Post training or something when you were small.
The Pratts obviously went and made it legal, so I'm sure we're in for an exciting Season 6. That and the addition of a fellow Laguna Beacher, Kristin Cavallari. What was she doing at the wedding? That was just weird, and I'm pretty sure she was hired by MTV to make an appearance so that we could all be on the edge of our seats awaiting the next season. P.S. Was she wearing a bra? And was Justin Bobby's chest hair making an appearance too? Just sayin.'
I did, however, love LC's comment about making it to Heidi's second wedding. Tee hee hee. Clever. We all knew she'd show up at the church. Fitting that her and Kristin we in the same color dress. Again, totally orchestrated by MTV.
Other random thoughts...
  • Not a fan of Heidi's wedding jewelry. Too much for me.
  • Audrina is gorgeous, despite the massive tatoo on her neck.
  • Justin Bobby did, in fact, shower for the wedding.
  • I wish Whitney had been at the wedding. I love Whitney.
  • Not a fan of Jade, though.
  • Speidi is on I'm a Celebrity, Get me out of Here, and Heidi just said that the devil was responsible for their leaving the show. If she flips her hair one more time...
  • Did you not love the conversation between Brody and Spencer? HA HA HA.

What are your thoughts?


Duet Diva said...

Sister I love what you said. Was that not craziness. You need to tune into this "after show" that they have called Speidi Wedding- Behind the Scenes (or something like that). Its right up your alley and very interesting. I just saw the tail end of it today and have been looking on my TV Guide for the next running because I will be watching ALL OF IT! Brody even makes an awesome comment on Spencer's flesh colored it!

Sugar and Spice said...

I actually sat and watched some of the I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here show. Spencer and Heidi went on and on about how they were the most famous celebrities and Heidi had me rolling when she said that she wanted to be like Mother Teresa and then seconds later told the camera that she didn't care if her teammates ate...she hated fish! Very Mother Teresa of you, Heidi!

P.S. I think Spencer looks like a goat. :)

Amy said...

First of all, Audrina is NOT cute. Yes, she has an amazing body and pretty hair, but she always looks like she is lost...

Why don't you like Jade?

I LOVED the convo beteween Spencer & Brody - right up my ally! haha. Sounds like he was quoting the therapist verbatim.

I agree that the whole Kristen thing was orchestrated...pretty awkward too.

Too much bling bling with Heidi's jewelry. A little over the top, but hey, so is she.

Hope you like my thoughts. Don't worry, I didn't have a tv for over a month so I was drooling by my computer waiting for the episodes to come online every tuesday as well!

Anonymous said...

It was a very good episode! LOVED Laren's comment about going to "the next one". Has to be the best jab she's ever made. And I'm very bummed she is leaving as well. Kristin Cavallari shows up at the wedding because she actually introduced Heidi and Spencer back when her and Brody were dating. Weird, huh? Good finale though. I hope the drama contines with Lauren gone now. Great job on the wrap up!!

Mommy Webb said...

I'm in total agreement with everything in this post, with the exception of not liking Jade. My respect for Audrina took a major dive when I saw what happened with her and Brode and how she handled it - like a little homewrecker who only cared about herself. I would have been much worse than Jade was - especially if I had to see her out everywhere I went! I was ticked at Brody too, but at least he fessed up and admitted his wrongs. I heard Audrina on Ryan Seacrest a week or so ago and she's still denying they did anything but talk. We know that's a lie. Brody said he "cheated on his girlfriend" to the guys the morning after. Anyway...

Despite that tirade, I think you are SPOT ON with everything - the jewelry overload, missing LC, Justin Bobby's hygiene, Kristin's lack of a bra...and what was Stacie doing there? Grrr.

BTW- you remind me of Whitney. I have always thought that but never remembered to say it. And that's a comliment. She is so classy and beautiful!

Mama E said...

I randomly clicked your blog from another blog from another blog... you know how it is lol

I totally agree with the Hills comments. I was embarrassingly excited that the Pratts were on the Celebrity show but then I wanted to strangle Heidi for using that dry shampoo obsessivly and at weird time (like during that challenge and right after they did the food challenge?!?! Who does that!) And I also couldn't stand Spencer being so demonic and full of himself. Not to mention Sanjaya without a shirt 99% of the time.

We'll see what Season 6 brings to the Hills... I just hope if Kristen is the main character she wears a bra and makes Justin Bobby shave. Just sayin'

Nat said...

Ohh I've been waiting for this post!
Awkward pauses- great call. I will also miss her facial expressions, those were the best. I just want to smack Stephanie she's so ditzy and I'm 99.99% sure it's not an act, she really is that out there. Holly- rude and immature, I expected her to handle it better. Love the Kristin drop in, random but totally staged and did you love how they put her right next to Justin Bobby. I'm also pretty sure Brody has hooked up with at least 4 girls in attendance at that wedding.

I actually liked Heidi's dress but not the jewelry, I also think Audrina is gorgeous! Not a fan of Jade either, she just looks like a porn star all the time. I was hoping Whitney was going to be there for the wedding.

I predict a Kristin & Justin Bobby hook up for season 6. I'm actually excited to see what drama she causes.