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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Yagoot for You!

After I tried on a unitard {see yesterday’s post}, I took my sweet precious on a date to Yagoot.

They serve real frozen yogurt with all kinds of fun toppings.  Becks chose strawberry yogurt with raspberry and banana accents.  It was totally yum.


I opted for the random combination of Italian Cocoa, toasted almonds, bananas, and…mangos.  I know, mangos?!  That’s what I was thinking, too, when I received my final order.  I think the Mangos just looked so tasty and fresh, that I didn’t consider its awkwardness when combined with the other flavors.  Whatever.  Still yum!


Geez Louise, just looking at that picture makes me want to go back! 

Anyway, the lighting in the shop was totally amazing, so I took lots and lots of pictures.  We were the only customers at the time, so I didn’t feel too crazy squatting on the floor for the best views or snapping random pictures of their chairs.  However, I did feel the need to compliment them on the lighting.  Which I did when I caught them staring at me. 





Lots of you have asked about my camera and my editing software lately, so here’s the deets…

It’s a Canon T1i that I got for Christmas last year.  And here’s a nerdy pic of me feigning surprise:


I recently got a new lens for it { 50mm f1.4} that I looooooove {thanks to my fab in-laws!}.  It creates that fun bokeh look that I’m obsessed with lately (blurry backgrounds).    I also shoot mostly in manual with a BBF {courtesy of my super talented friend, Cara!!!!!}, rarely using my flash.

I edit with whatever Microsoft program that came on my computer, usually enhancing the color and messing with the contrast, brightness, and clarity.  I’d love some fancy Photoshop program, but I think they’re pretty costly and I don’t know that I’d know how to work it even if I did own it!  {If you know of an expensive, easy-to-use editing software, do share!!!}

I’m faaaaaaaaaaaar from having perfect pics, but it sure is a fun hobby to have :)

Happy Sunday, friends!!!!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Today I Think I’ll Buy A Unitard

Now, that’s a post-title you don’t read everyday.  But it’s what I thought when I woke up this morning.  I think I’ll buy a unitard

No?  You didn’t think the same thing?

Well, why ever not?

Is it because it reminds you of 80s workout garb?

Or perhaps because only a person name Eunice (which I would clearly pronounce Unis) with a unibrow would wear a unitard?
That’s what I thought, too.  Before.

Before Rebecca changed me.  Because, sister can *rock* a unitard and thoroughly convinced me with this post that I should at least entertain the idea of adding a unitard to my wardrobe.

First and foremost, I wear leggings about 98.5% of the time.  The other 1.5% I’m wearing something restricting and uncomfortable and am thinking about why I didn’t wear leggings.  {Except in the summer when I live in dresses.}  They’re a versatile wardrobe staple that hold me in and smooth me out when necessary.  Let’s be honest: the bottom line is just that they’re so dang comfortable!  So, why not just feel comfortable all over and buy a unitard?!  Perfect for winter underneath everything, me thinks.

So, I made a plan of action.  First off, I had to locate said unitard.  Rebecca’s is from American Apparel and darnit if we don’t have one of those close by that I’d never visited.  It opened at 11am, which is too late for me to subsist on coffee alone (cause let’s be honest – who wants to try on a unitard with a belly full of Raisin Bran?).  I opted for a mini Clif Bar instead.

Beckham went with me.  Through the shadiest part of town ever.  If you’re familiar with Cinci, then you probably know exactly what I’m talking about.  Long story short, I made it there holding my breath, not making eye contact with anyone, and then parked at a parking meter which I had no intention of paying.  Because I had zero change.  And I intended to be parked there for less than three minutes. 
Went in the store, grabbed the unitard, and it. was. LOVE.  I tried it on with the tunic I was wearing and Becks cowered in the corner.

Then, I came home and made B snap several extremely awkward pictures of me in the unitard.  All while I sang…

I wanna unitard-amus for Christmas…

…only a unitard-amus will do!

Don’t wanna doll.  No dinky tinker toy.

I wanna unitard-amus to play with and enjoy!
014        016


Comfortable and I will wear it a lot.

I am wondering how I’m going to go to the bathroom.  Hmm.

No, I have no intentions of wearing it all by itself. 

Here’s how I’m wearing it right now:
025       026
{Sorry ‘bout the double shots.  I’m tall, with limited room in our bedroom, and I didn’t feel like changing my fixed lens.}

Omiword.  So now you either think I’m crazy and are immediately going to de-follow me, or you’re going to be singing the tune to I Wanna Hippopotamus for Christmas! all day.  I apologize for my weirdness in advance. 

So, that’s all.  I bought a unitard.  Are you spending your Saturday thinking about unitards, too?


Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Random Post Is Better than No Post At All


  1. It’s so strange that grad school is over and I have nothing pressing to do.  It’s really nice actually, though I still have this feeling that there is something to do and I’m just forgetting what it is. 
  2. Um, I am tearing up.  Watching the cast of Jersey Shore reunite with their family members.  Well played, MTV, well played.
  3. This boy is outgrowing the Famously Awful Threes.  PTL!013
  4. However, he’s grown right into the I’m Not Going to Eat ANYTHING three-and-a-halves, except Pirate Bootie, Spiderman Fruit Snacks, and cheese.   We’ve had recent stand-offs involving untouched sweet potatoes and veggie burgers.  This pictures was taken during a particularly dramatic moment. 016
  5. Since there is absolutely NO snow in our forecast, we’ve had to find a substitute.  So, we had a marshmallow fight at our house the other night and it was sooooooo much fun.  Becks and I conspired in the pantry, and bombarded a sitting-on-the-couch B with a fistfuls of marshmallows.  No mess, easy clean-up, and edible!  Love it!  {Becks used the bean bag to hide behind.}005008
  6. Our New Year’s Eve was low-key and uneventful.  Just the way we like it.  Becks and Sophie had a great time battling it out to Just Dance on the Wii.  And I ate a bazillion barbecued meatballs.  Yummo.                                                      001
  7. I bought some really fun things at Target the other day.  See?021022024023       { top left, clockwise – rug, fruit basket, key holder thing?, and a pink bird!}
  8. I took Beck to the Children’s Museum last week.  You know, during every other kid in the tristate area’s Christmas Break.  It was crazy crowded.  But we had a fun little date, and I got to eat kid food for lunch. I’m pretty sure El Nacho Grande is not real cheese.          008              009012
  9. We had a dusting on Monday, and Becks decided to rekindle the love for The Christmas Hat.  013017
  10. Off to play Words with Friends! And I’m losing to everyone!  And tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!  YAY!