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Sunday, January 27, 2013

weekend update.


I  mean, right?!

Obviously, it didn’t matter that I wanted to have another baby by the time I was 30.  Or that I thought that baby would come from my belly.  The Lord’s purpose.  Now that is a plan right there.  And, I can’t sit and call him and be like, Hey, God?  So, about that baby…  I wish I could :)  So, I guess that’s the best adoption update I can give you right now.  It’s not about my plan – it’s about His purpose.  And, won’t the day that His purpose is made clear for our family be a day?!

We’re just living life around these parts.  Trying hard to muddle through January.  It’s just one of those months you get through.  It’s cold and dreary.   You’re combatting the let down from all that holiday momentum.  Suddenly you’re like – oh, you mean we don’t have plans EVERY minute of every day OR a fridge stocked full of appetizers and cookies anymore?  And the loss of the glow from the Christmas tree.  And the soft sound of Christmas music floating through the house. I miss that.  Then I try to think of all things shiny and new and I get excited about spring.  Which, naturally, leads to thoughts of summer.  Ahhhhh, summer. 

Wishing my life away.  But trying hard not to.

Becks and I have spent our time indoors arts and crafting.  Totally up my ally.  Leave all that superhero stuff to his daddy because this mama loves to be at a table with all sorts of markers, glue and paper in front of her. 

002   009


I’m still trying to balance working out and eating.  I like to do both, you know.

019  007

Though, I’ve done a lot more eating and a lot less working in the past week.  I got the FLU.  Even after getting the flu mist – which I will never do again.  I’ve always had the shot and haven’t had the flu since 7th grade.  Henceforth, only shots for me.  Flu = 5 days of a miserableness. 

So, happy-end-of-weekend.  Have a great week!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Filling my time, not my face.

So, decidedly, I am going to either get fat and/or go broke as we wait for that fateful phone call.  All the running and working out I’m doing is completely cancelled out by the fact that I immediately come home and eat an entire can of Salt-n-Pepper Pringles.  Thank goodness there are no Girl Scout cookies in the house.  Yet. 

I also find myself wanting to shop.  Like every day.  I could tell you the placement of every chevron patterned item in Homegoods.  And, how much the boots are that I want to buy from Zappos. ($135. Plus shipping.  That’s outrageous.)  And which shelves have been recently restocked at Kroger. 

I’m not kidding when I say that He is teaching me patience.  And faith in His timing and perfect plan.  It’s hard.  It’s challenging.  But, I love Him for it anyway.  I will praise Him in this storm.

I’m committed to choosing a healthier habit, that will hopefully keep me out of the store and the Oreos.  It’s called READING.  I tend to forget how much I like it.  And that “getting lost in a good book” is a rather real and time-consuming phenomenon.  So, I’m stocking my shelves.  And, not the ones in the pantry :)


   I’m almost finished with Where We Belong.   My neighbor lent it to me after learning we were planning to adopt.   So many interesting coincidences in this book - from adoption, to the mention of my maiden name, to the protagonist’s love for Michigan.  It was like I was meant to read it.  How true is it to the actual experience of adoption?  I’m not real sure, but it’s a good fictional read.

Jesus Calling was recommended by a sweet friend in my Life Group after I shared that I have difficulty just picking up the Bible to read.  I just purchased it today.  There’s a short and sweet devotional for each day of the year, along with a passage from the Bible to look up on your own. 

Bloom is a memoir by the amazing and talented and inspiring and thoughtful and funny and gorgeous (and I could go on and on) Kelle Hampton.  She blogs at Enjoying the Small Things, and she makes every day living beautiful and inspiring.  She keeps it real.  This book is in my cue at the library. 

So, that’s a start, right?  And, non-caloric.  Plus, mostly free.   A win-win!

Happy Sunday night, friends!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

All kinds of no plans.

There was no real game plan for weekend.  Just how I like it.  So, we had an impromptu spaghetti-dinner-sleep-over with the cousins.  They stayed up waaaaay too late for being in the under-6 crowd.  B had to walk across the hall to lay down the law once or twice.  I woke up suddenly a little after midnight, shocked to not hear little voices.  I snuck over to check on them, and PTL everyone was sound asleep on the floor.  Seeing them all snug makes me long for the day that Becks has a sibling to stay up late with :)

IMG_0712[1]       IMG_0714[1]

Earlier today we visited the Cincinnati mecca of all super markets: Jungle Jims


Jungle Jim’s is a crazy big super market mecca of everything. Like forty dollar ostrich eggs.  In case you ever need the equivalent of 36 eggs.  In one egg.  {Sidenote: that completely grosses me out.}

IMG_0724   IMG_0728   IMG_0739

We bought Becks that coconut.  I have no idea what we’ll do with it.  He’s pretty excited about taking a hammer to it, though.  Sullee and Chels went with us, too.  Dang, she’s cute.


They have an entire mile of the store dedicated to candy.  It caused a lot of internal debate for Becks as he had to choose from a wall of a thousand Pez dispensers.  #kidproblems

IMG_0733   IMG_0735IMG_0738

We had a lot of fun.  I felt like a tourist.

IMG_0736      IMG_0740

The day ended with dinner at my parents house – pinto beans, cornbread, and mustard greens.  SO YUM.  There might’ve been a little flying the friendly skies via Papa Airlines, too.  Oh, to be four.


IMG_0745   IMG_0746

Then we came home and Becks decided he wanted to sleep on the floor again. I let him.  What’s another night on the floor?  Plus, there will be a day when he doesn’t sleep on the floor, in a spot I made, with Snoopy and the gang.  And, I’ll miss it.  So, sleep on the floor he will. 


I love having no plans weekends :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Remembering 2012


This past year has been no less than incredible.  God worked in my life in ways that I once never thought possible, and all I can do is reflect {in awe} of His plan.  I’m happier than I’ve been in years, and can truly say I’ve felt his presence during some very dark and difficult times over the past 12 months.  I owe Him all the glory, as I don’t think I could’ve accomplished anything without Him leading the way. 

I’ve never considered myself to be very outwardly “religious.”  I’m certainly not preachy, and there’s nothing that intimidates me more than someone with questions about faith that I simply cannot answer because I don’t know.  But, I just felt it on my heart tonight to tell you that He loves you, is there for you, and he wants a relationship with you.  He wants to hold your hand and lead you through the good times and bad.  He wants to be all up in your 2013!

Just thought I would share :)

* * * * * *

And, now, for my year in pictures – in no particular order - with an explanation in words afterwards.


1.  I bought a unitard.  Remember?!  I mean, there is no better way to start 2012 than in an adult onesie.  Let’s be honest.

2.  Though I graduated in December 2011, I didn’t receive my new certificate until this summer when my pay raise could go in effect. Yay! 

3.  Brandon and I began fertility treatments.  That pick was taken by a sweet waitress at First Watch before our second IUI.  Though it wasn’t successful, it was certainly a challenging time for us as a couple and we grew stronger because of it. 

4.  We had our first “official” family pictures made!  LOVE THEM!  Those boys just make my day.

5.  B became a stay-at-home dad.  A great decision for our family.  He makes some world class enchiladas and cinnamon chip snickerdoodles, keeps up on laundry better than I ever did, and rocks the parent pick-up line at preschool.  So proud of him.

6.  My marriage became stronger, and my love for my husband grew with each passing day.  He’s such a great guy and genuinely makes me the happiest girl <3

7.  I went to Chicago and met up with my favorite online friends!  I can’t say enough about their friendship over the past year, and I’m so grateful to have finally met them in person!  Looking forward to our next gathering already :)

8.  On December 23rd, yours truly turned the big 3-0!  B worked together with my friends to throw me a surprise party two months before the big event.  So. Blessed.  I cannot even wait to see what my 30th year will hold!

9.  My pumpkin continues to be the love of my life and we’ve shared a gazillion silly moments over the past year.  He never ceases to crack me up {or test my patience!}.  He’s one of a kind and I just love him!

10.  I left the classroom, and became our school’s Title I teacher.  I LOVE MY JOB.  Moreover, I work part-time, allowing me to spend more time at home enjoying my family and life.  I can’t tell you how happy this made me, and give a whole lotta PTLs for this opportunity!

11.   We decided to discontinue fertility treatments and pursue adoption! What a blessing! I pray every day for our sweet baby and his or her mother, and can’t wait to share the news that we have a wee one in our home again.

So, there’s 2012 in sum.  What a fantastic year!  2013, here I come!