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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Confessions

1.  This hat – gifted to Beckham from his Nana M – is very reminiscent of the Bunny Rabbit costume from The Christmas Story.  Obviously, Becks felt just like Ralphie when he was forced to wear it. 


2.  I woke up three times last night anticipating Christmas morning, anxious for Beck to wake up to see his gifts from Santa.

3.  I have consumed no less than a dozen sausage balls today.  I snag one every time I’m in the kitchen. 

4.  I never knew how much fun putting together Legos are, and receive immense satisfaction when I’ve properly assembled something new with no leftover pieces. 


5.  Everyone at my house is sleeping right now.  All two of them.  I’ll let you guess which one went to sleep with a fire truck and a helicopter.

6.  My son had to be removed from the Christmas Eve service at church last night.  He may or may not have been pouncing on his cousin’s dress, loudly exclaiming “Cheesyballs!” while the minister read the Christmas story to the children.  Sigh.

7.  Um, bokeh?  I LOVE IT. 

017   073   078

8.   Santa brought a lot of toys this year that I never thought would be under my Christmas tree.  Star Wars paraphernalia, Lego Ninjago (or something?), Spiderman jammies.  Boys toys = foreign to me.



9.  Wrapping gifts tops my list of most annoying holiday activities.  Also annoying?  50 degree temperatures.  Hopefully, that just means plenty of snow days in January and February. 

10.  Though I really see no point to it today, I’m off to shower.  Wishing you the merriest of Christmases!!!!!


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

Holy guacamole.  Christmas Eve.  Is here.  Today.


We’re just lazing around this morning, in no rush to do much of anything. 


It’s been a busy week, so lazing is a welcomed change.  B totaled his truck at the tail end of November, so we spent a large portion of the week car swindling shopping.


There’s no better way to put this: car shopping SUCKS.  It does.  Plain and simple. You just walk around the lot feeling like you’re getting ready to get taken advantage of.  Seriously, at one of the dealerships we went to, it was as if vultures were getting ready to attack.  While we were cruising the lot, FOUR (4!!!!) salesharks magically appeared.  We didn’t buy from them.  Or the guy that let me test drive a vehicle and then told me he wouldn’t be able to work within the price range I’d given him before the test drive so as not to waste his time or mine.  Grrrrrr.  So stinkin’ frustrating.

Anyway, long story short(er) – we finally bought a vehicle that has four doors and the ability to fit 2 carseats.  {Nope, NOT preggo!  Just thinking in terms of the future!}  B and I had some “conversations” that helped us arrive at the decision to NOT purchase another 2-door truck.  (i.e. Momma said, “I ain’t puttin’ Becks in the front seat of a truck EVER AGAIN.  Uh uh, no way!”). 

Completely changing topic, this week was the First Annual K Girls Christmas Cookie Decorating Extravaganza, wherein we baked, decorated, sprinkled, iced, and discussed inappropriately-shaped cookies for hours.  Super fun!



There were SO MANY goodies! 


Then, of course, I had to take a picture of the bakers, which my sisters insisted on making extremely awkward.  {Though, Chels is 3.5 months pregnant and Aubs just had her tonsils taken out, so they both have genuine excuses for not feeling up to snuff to pose for an Abbaratzi picture.}


Yesterday, I turned 29.  TWENTY-NINE.  The last birthday I will ever celebrate.  Not have, but celebrate.  I will henceforth be 29.  Forever. 

Before B and I went out, I attempted some terribly awful pictures.  No one seems to want to cooperate when I want to photograph them.  It’s very frustrating, especially when you’re the Birthday Girl.  The Birthday Girl whose birthday is completely overshadowed by Christmas.  Just sayin’.


Fortunately, B was more cooperative for the waiter at dinner.  Much better.


Afterwards, we came home to this:


B did that!  All by himself!  So impressive.  And delicious, too!

And back to this morning.  Christmas Eve.  When I feel like I just posted about last Christmas Eve not too long ago.  Where, oh where has the year gone?



Thanks for checking in our daily randomness.

Merry Christmas Eve to you and yours’!!!!!!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

French Fries on the Front Lawn


I think that title aptly describes my life right now.  And it’s 100% true.  There are, in fact, french fries on my front lawn right now, because that was the quickest way to evacuate them from my car.   I also found a chicken nugget, but french fries on the front lawn has more alliteration than chicken nuggets on the front lawn, no? Anyway, so, hi!  Life’s still crazy!

And this post is going to have a crazy amount of randomness and pictures, so brace yourselves.

No, I’m not engaged despite the fact that the self portrait below looks like I’m displaying new bling.  Which I guess I am since the new bathroom is totally blinged out, in a sense. 


But, first, let’s visit the old bathroom.  She was a real peach, if you know what I mean.  {Note the soffit above the shower because that’s the last you’ll see of it!  Yay!}




Behold, le new salle de bain.  Fancy Nancy for bathroom :)




My favorite part?  I go back and forth between the space-saving wall-mounted sink and the open shelving.  Oh, and this nifty feature on the new toilet paper roll…


I mean, seriously, I’d change the toilet paper twelve times a day just because it’s so dang easy now.  No more awkward fumbling with the roll holder, just tilt that baby up and it’s done.  Love. It.

* * * * * * * * *

Moving right along…it’s Christmas!  Yay!  Santa is coming real soon, so we’re all festive and such.  Our Christmas card this year turned out just being the Beckster because I wasn’t content with any of the family ones we’ve taken.  I have to say, the picture montage I chose really epitomizes our life with a  3-year-old.  Crazy, wonderful, and completely unpredictable. 


We decorated as soon as we moved back into our home, and I’ve still been tweaking things.  So far, this:



The family Christmas tree…


One of my fav Christmas decorating traditions is magnetizing all of our Christmas card pictures to a chalkboard that my BFF (hi, Allie!) gave us for our wedding.  I love looking at the pics so much, they’ll sometimes remain there until February or March!



And, lastly, if you’re looking for a quick gift to give the children in your life, this is what I gave my pumpkins at school this year – from The Dollar Tree and I monogrammed them with each student’s first initial.


I’ll be back…tomorrow-ish with the First Annual K Girls Christmas Cookie Decorating Extravaganza!

{Happy, Mom?! ;)}