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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The 50 Minute Wait...

So PMS stopped in for a visit tonight {that crazy chick}, and she straight up told me to go and find something chocolately to make/eat right quick before she turned into super-psycho-even-cah-razier chick and chewed her husband out about the turtle-like speed at which he puts their son to bed.  So, not being one to mess with crazy, I totally obeyed her by finding the most Sinfully Delicious Easy-as-Pie Double Chocolate Banana Bread of Love recipe.  {Known officially as Alice’s Sour Cream Chocolate Chocolate Chip Banana Bread which you can find HERE.  You're welcome.} 

Also, let me just tell you I based my personal description on the batter alone.  It  was so totally yummy that it took everything out of me not to remove the already-cooking loaf pan full of it from the 350 degree oven so I could have one more scoop.  It was contort-your-face into the mixing bowl good.  Which I did.  Now I have to refrain myself for the next 50  minutes while it bakes, which will likely be how long it takes me (if not longer) to write this post since I've been interrupted already for goodnight kisses, a phone call, and the general ADD that results when I blog with the TV on.  {Did you watch Sam B dance on America's Got Talent?  I'm pretty sure there's a Sam B at every dance club and wedding.  Hilarious.}  See, I'm already 15 minutes closer to eating my Banana Bread of Love.  Thank you, Sam B.

To kill off another 35 minutes, I will show you a few pics from Becks actual birthday, which was yesterday - I just didn't want to kill the Blogger picture uploader with another 497 pictures last night.  {Sidenote: Thanks for the super sweet comments on his party!  Y'all made my day!}  We had a delightful spaghetti dinner, homemade chocolate cupcakes (PMS visited yesterday, too), and my sister and her kiddos came over.  Totally perfect.

Fifteen minutes left!

Let's see...what else can I bore you with? 


Well, it is the Sixteen and Pregnant reunion show tonight.  But, let's be honest, there will never be a cast like Season 1.  I can hardly wait for July 5th at 10pm.  Which is the season premiere of Teen Mom Season 3, if you don't know.  Odds are you do, since many of us have a shared love of Maci, Catelynn, Farrah, and Amber :)

While on the topic of trashy MTV reality shows, I continue to mourn the loss of The Hills, which might be my most favorite reality show ever.  I might have to spend a rainy day this summer watching reruns online during naptime.  Which probably won't happen since grad school is absolutely consuming me.  Educational law and ethics?  ICK.

Lastly, this:

Oh. My. YUM.  Worth every calorie.

Happy, happy Tuesday to you!

Monday, June 27, 2011

They say it's your birthday!

Omiword, it feels like yesterday he was born.  And, now he's this crazy, three-year-old little boy! He cracks me up daily, and while his antics are sometimes trying, his sweet nature and gap-tooth smile get me every time.  Happy Birthday, Becks!  I love you so, so, so, so, so, so BIG!

* * * * *
So, apparently, I kinda like playing party hostess.  I had an absolute blast planning Becks' party, and though it was only family, it was oh-so-much-fun.  And, to be honest, this has really been the first occassion in the four years that we've lived in our house that I felt really comfortable hosting a {modest} crowd.  Now that we have a deck (best investment ever) and a much much much more efficient kitchen (um, maybe the kitchen was the best investment ever!), I feel confident that I'd like to host get-togethers all the time!  Now, if I could just find the time... 

So, the theme was more or less color and since he's currently a huge Handy Manny fan, his Nana M. made a fantastic Handy Manny cake - complete with fondant-made tools!  I'm not the best photographer or editor, so the pics aren't the best.  I'm working on it!   

And now for a gobzillion par-tay pics!

Now for the actual party, wherein my momma managed to be the only one to escape my lens.  I'll get you next time, my pretty...

I mean, can you really host a preschool party these days without one of these things?  Fortunately, we borrowed this one from my parents' neighbors because I would so not pay for a party jumpy thing.  However, the kididdles totally *loved* it!

This little one-two picture succession is one of my favs.  He's sitting in my lap waiting for his daddy to bring out his gift from us.  

This next pic is when he sees his gift being rolled out the back door.  It brings a tear to my eye knowing that his excitment won't always be this genuine, this palpable. 

He crashed hard that night.  But not before he went to bed wearing new PJs and convinced us to let him take new toys to bed.  Stinker. {Sidenote: The upstairs is coming along.  Sanding always takes longer than we imagined, so he's still sleeping in the pack-n-play in our room.}

So, that's it.  Third birthday extravaganza.  Where are the years going?!?!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Some things.

1.  Nothing makes you feel old like hearing the local radio DJ proclaim And now it's time for some old school!  And then he plays Justin Timberlake's Cry Me A River.  I was a sophomore in college when that song was popular.  Totally.  Not.  Old School.  Thankyouverymuch.

2.  Not all tissue papers are created equally.  I know this because I have fluffed no less than 297 tissue paper pom poms tonight.

3.  Ask me if said poms will be suspended from the dining room fan by Cleanburst Reach Floss, and I will kindly respond Oh, yes they are.  So if anyone gets corn stuck in their teeth during the birthday festivities this weekend, you'll know where to go.

4.  While we're discussing dental issues, are you familiar with David after the Dentist?  If not, go watch THIS, laugh, and return to see the below picture which bares resemblence to David when he rises from his seat in a dinosaur-likre roar.  Becks informed me that he was being a dinosaur.  An axshophone dinosaur to be specific.  Roar.

5.  Beckham proclaimed {loudly} in Target today that he was going to Hit me in the p*nis.  It was all I could do to jump across the aisle and slap my hand over his mouth, and another one over my own.  Because it was also kind of funny.

6.  Did you know the Canadian post is on strike?  I'm ordering something through Etsy, and there's been a delay due to shipping issues resulting from the strike.  Just an interesting little fact for you. {Also, if you are in fact Canadian, I am sorry about the strike.  I'm sure that's frustrating on both ends.}

7.  Becks has developed the talent? adaptation? super power? to sleep through a variety of power tools.  I kid you not, he can go to bed and sleep soundly while the drum sander is turning right above our room - which we are currently sharing with him during the Big Boy Bedroom reno.  This is likely due to the fact that our home has been under some form of construction during the entire three years he's been alive.

8.   One of the goals on my Sunspiration list is to read at least 2 novels.  I finished Firefly Lane last week and *loved* it.  If you are madly in love with Summer Sisters by Judy Blume {as I am}, then you must read it.  I randomly came across it at a library book sale I was working and am twelve kinds of glad I did.  What are you reading this summer?

9.  B is working tomorrow, which means if I want to run by myself while it's still less than 80 degrees out, I have to run super early. Although I love the commentary my little buddy in the running stroller provides as we jog together, it's really so much easier if I just run solo.  He usually wants to talk or request I pick up a rock or a pinecone.  I'm just focusing on panting breathing.  However, when that alarm goes off at 6am, I'm thinking a little companionship isn't so bad.

10.  Who else could watch True Life marathons all day?  What would I do without trashy TV?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Consumed with life is all.

I don't mean not to post.  I really don't.  It's just that summer is about so much more than sitting in front of my computer - which I'm already doing enough of considering I'm overwhelmed with two three-week courses that are kicking my butt - and we were vacationing for much of last week.  So I have lots of valid excuses.  Which I need a lot of since I spend the opening paragraphs of all of my blog posts as of late describing why I'm not posting. 


So, last week.  We spent not nearly enough time at the Lakehouse, followed by five days in Gatlinburg.  Despite the torrential downpour en route to the mountains, we had a fantastic time.  And since my dad called me today dropping not-so-subtle hints that I haven't posted on here in nearly two weeks, I thought I'd oblige with lots and lots of pictures.  {Sidenote: Mom, check your email for a link to Shutterfly.  I know that will make you happy :) } 

The kiddos are getting so big. They love one another dearly and I love that they're growing up with each other so close by. Sure, we break up the occasional scuffle over toys or find the boys with each other in wrestling-like positions, but overall they get along well. Sigh

I'm not going to be eloquent with the photo descriptions because there are a lot of photos.  Just know that my mom bought a package of lip whistles to entertain the little ones and they were a big hit.  You'll understand momentarily why I had to make that comment.

Sutter Butter is all kinds of photogenic. 

I'll make a small note and say that it was his idea to wear the hardhat in the hottub.  Reminds me a little bit of The Village People.

My girl is getting so big.  She's going to kindergarten in the fall.  She cracks me right up.

She should be in a horror movie.  B and I already have her pegged as a future thespian.

 Baby Hudson
 My cousin Heather and her daughter, Paisley.

Of the 100+ pics I uploaded from our vacation, I am in a whopping two.  That's not giving me much room to choose a "good" picture, so this semi-okay one is going to have to do.  Just as proof that I was actually there. 

  Happy Tuesday! 

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I heart summer.

Summer days are so fulfilling.  We are so together.  And so busy.  And so consumed with life.  Yet everything is so relaxed.  I love it. 

We spent the much of the morning moving everything out of the upstairs, removing doors, and taping off vents.  B started sanding this afternoon and made it through the first sanding with little difficulty.  And, bless his heart, he's working upstairs in easily 100 degree temperatures.  But he looks so dang cute doing it :)

Since we're not unfamiliar with this whole remodel bit, we've actually become fairly tolerant of  displaced furniture and accessories that we have to accommodate for the duration of our renovations.  It actually creates some unique little spaces in our home that wouldn't exist otherwise.  And since it's only temporary, it's kinda charming.

The living room with the addition of the rocker from Becks' nursery and our cheapo Ikea mini-couch/sleeper which I'm comfortably blogging from right now :)

Our bedroom with the addition of Becks' dresser and his crib mattress.  He's all cozied up with us for the next couple of days on his little floor palette.

The view from my bed, accented with the doors from upstairs. 

Anyway, while B was sanding, Becks and I busied ourselves with finger painting, and it was about twelve kinds of fun. 

Apparently, sticking his tongue out is all part of the creative genius. 

Then, we carried our creativity outdoors where we blew bubbles and chalked up the driveway. 

Obviously, I enjoy chalking quite a bit.  Probably more than Becks.

And, for the record, here's our end-of-the-day-freshly-sanded-pine pics - or, proof that we're actually accomplishing something in a timely manner pics ;)

The End.