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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Becks' Big Boy Bedroom Take One

Beckham will be three on June 27th.  Three!  Cah-to-the-razy.  I will probably talk about this fact a lot in the next several weeks. 

Anyway, though he has never tried to escape from his crib, we collectively decided that an upgrade was necessary and immenent.  In my perfect world, he will have a Big Boy bedroom by his birthday.  In reality, and considering our track record (i.e. 5 month kitchen-remodel), it could take longer.  We shall see.

I don't know that I've ever taken you on an upstairs tour.  {But maybe I have.  This blog is almost three years old, too, so since we're almost 800 posts deep I'm not certain that I haven't visited up there before.}  We live in a 60-something-year-old traditional Cape Cod, with a steep stairway leading to the upstairs bedroom and a half.  When Becks was first born, he slept in the half and we slept in the bedroom.  You can't call the half a "real" bedroom because the stairs open right into it. {Sidenote: Before we add to the Babbling family, we will put up a wall to make it into an actual bedroom.}

Becks was a little over a year when we decided to move him into the actual upstairs bedroom and move our bedroom downstairs.  Ever since, he's lacked a defined space, and his bedroom was more of just a crib and toys and random stuff.  Nothing picture-worthy. 

The first step in this hopefully-not-too-long process was to move everything out of his bedroom and into the loft, pull up the carpet and padding and remove several feet worth of tack strip, and about a gobzillion staples, with the ultimate goal of refinishing the exisiting hardwood floors found underneath. 

Shoo.  That was a run-on sentence if there ever was one! Continuing...

Here's the before shots which will also show the flow of the upstairs much better than I can describe it!

Looking through doorway into Becks' room.

Corner of room shot.  Note those super fancy pink knobs.  So totally can't wait to get rid of those, especially since one's already missing.
Opposite corner of room shot. 
Current view of the loft, piled high with stuff from Becks' room and random decor items. 

View from loft looking at doorway to Becks' room.

 Becks' room without carpet. 

The existing hardwood floors are in good enough condition to qualify them for refinishing, and since this is a project that B's tackled before (read all about that starting HERE and proceeding for many posts after!), we're confident that a smaller space, combined with pine planks instead of oak will ultimately lead to a quick job.  {Remember, I'm an idealist.}

So, wish us luck as we head to The Depot tomorrow morning to pick up the ol' sander.  After we try our hand at another marriage strengthener, of course.  We like to call this one: moving furniture down a narrow set of stairs.  It's going to be fun!!!!  Especially since I have the upper body strength of an earthworm.



Anonymous said...

Abby, totally been there! My hubby and I have been doing renos for 5 years now. Since having our 2 little girls, things have definitely slowed down, but not stopped! I think our reno totally strengthened us and the memories are forever. We still talk about how we survived without an entire bathroom for 3 days! No bathtub, no shower, no toilet, no sink, nadda, nothing, zilch! Don't even ask....:) Good luck and always have fun! (even when the furniture is falling down the stairs!!)

Lauren said...

Bless you! Home repairs are the ultimate marriage strengthener! My mother and daddy almost divorced! :)

Jessica said...

Good luck with this new project! Can I just say how handy your husband is??!! My hubby could never do half the projects your hubby does! So jealous! :)

Kristen said...

I redid my daughter's room last year (paint and all) right before she turned 4. She was in a big girl bed, but that was it. She still had all the baby things in her room. Since then, I have taken out her closet door, moved her dresser, added a "dress up" closet and tried to add knick-knacks to her wall that she takes down all the time! But, it's what she wants, so she will get it all! Have fun and don't worry about getting it done too quickly...take your time so it's what you want! :) And, your baby turns 3 right after my baby turns 5!

Clutter-Free Classroom said...

I can't wait to see what you do. We live in a Cape too and are about to start an upstairs remodel to add a bedroom.


Anonymous said...

Good luck!! I love that you guys do home improvement projects together. I usually end up doing mine alone because it's not the husband's favorite thing. Can't wait to see his big boy room finished!

Jodi said...

Goodluck with your remodel. We have SO been there and it's definitely a marriage strengthener :) I'm sure his room will look fantastic when you're done!


Ms. J said...

Good luck! It will look great!

Jamie said...

I can't wait to see Beck's big boy room! I know it will look great!