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Sunday, June 5, 2011

{ Sunspiration }

May was a bad month for blogging. I'm aware. It was an unannounced no-motivation-May.  Forgive. 

But, now it's June!  and June is just full of inspiration and sunshine and I'm going to have to find some motivation somewhere since I have less than 70 days to accomplish about a dozen home improvement projects, vacations, kid-friendly activities, school-related ventures, and two grad school classes.  Yippee!

So, to kick off my summer break, which officially began last Thursday around 1:30pm (amen, halleluia, PTL!), here are my lofty goals for the next three months...

Let's review...

1. Eat popsicles in the park.  And maybe share with strangers.  Safe-looking strangers, of course.

2.  Rig up the ol' Big Boy bedroom.  Y'all know I'm going to have a three-year-old at the end of this month, right?  Gah!

3.  Take an impromptu road trip.  This is sooooo up my alley.  But not necessarily B's, so it might have to be a slightly pre-planned road trip just so I don't freak him out.

4.  Run {almost} every day.  So far, so good.  So long as I continue to get up when it's still cool, not rainy, and Becks is sleeping.  Otherwise, no dice.  Rainy weather or too hot weather usually dissuades me, but I'm going to try to persevere...

5.  Paint lots of things.  The list of things that I want to paint is absolutely daunting.  From mirrors to walls to hardwood floors to everything in between.  Not even kidding. 

6.  Have a yard sale.  Mainly so I can support my summer yard-saling habit.

7.  Host a banana split part.  I wonder who will come?

8.  Aim for 1 date night a month.  Because we've officially been married for 5-years (May 28th if you wanted to know), thereby qualifying us as oldy-weds.  We need to keep it spicy.

9.  Make homemade lemonade.  Yum.

10.  Learn to take better pictures.  Or find friends who can teach me to take better pictures. 

11.  Make a new friend.  Who doesn't want more friends?!

12.  Read 2 novels.  It should be noted that this is one less than I aimed for last year.  Which is still on the high side since I only made it through 1 last year (The Last Song).  And Summer Sisters isn't allowed to count towards my goal because, of course, I'm already reading it as my annual kick-off to summer beach read.

13.  Take Becks to a fair.  I'm thinking of the state variety because I hear the fried food is out. of. control.  Bonus points if they have fried pickles, which are about 12 kinds of amazing in case you've never had the privilege. 

14.  Pick berries on a farm.  Blue, black, rasp - I don't care.  So long as it's a berry and I can eat it, it counts.

15.  See a live band.  Preferably on one of the aforementioned date nights.

16.  Make a "plan" for the bathroom remodel.  The kitchen's been done for less than a month and I already have the itch.  What's wrong with me? 

17.  Do lots of art projects.  Can't even wait.

18.  Host a sleepover for the cousinsBecks, Soph, and Sutton would have a blast.  Let's pick a date, Chels! 

19.  Make a picture wall.  If you could only imagine the number of undeveloped images on my computer just dying to be processed.  Combine that with my naked walls and I think we've got a winning project on our hands.

20.  Plan and execute a block part with the committee.  L, this is the official written notice that we *ARE* doing this!!!!!

What are your summer plans???


Ashley said...

Sounds like a fun summer ahead! How fun is that you are having a block party. I hope one day I live in a place that does stuff like that!

Ashley said...

so fun! I can't wait to see pictures of the 'nana split party. I'll be nesting and bringing our first little one home this summer! :)

Randee said...

"Sunspiration 2011" inspires me to want to create my own summer to-do list! Maybe I'll work on that today...

Blair said...

Love your to-do list. Mine looks very similar~ house projects, vacations, concerts, workout, and book lists! It's gonna be fun :)

Leslie said...

You have such positive and refreshing ideas. You have inspired me to create a to-do list with as much gusto and happines as yours.

first grade in the yellow hallway!

AbbyS. said...

I am working on the BIG BOY room on Saturday as I will have a 3 year old on SUNDAY. TEAR.
I would totally be up for a banana split party...just sayin'! :)
I am also thinking a yard sale to support my yard sale habit and two new babies might be on my list too.
Love the list. After Wednesday's final meeting my summer will begin too. WhoRah!

California Wife said...

Yay for summer break! It looks like you have a great list going there... enjoy your first full week of freedom!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I just started following you. Love your blog. How did you make that copyright at the bottom of your page? Still trying to figure out how to even show who I am following on my blog. Thanks!