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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Consumed with life is all.

I don't mean not to post.  I really don't.  It's just that summer is about so much more than sitting in front of my computer - which I'm already doing enough of considering I'm overwhelmed with two three-week courses that are kicking my butt - and we were vacationing for much of last week.  So I have lots of valid excuses.  Which I need a lot of since I spend the opening paragraphs of all of my blog posts as of late describing why I'm not posting. 


So, last week.  We spent not nearly enough time at the Lakehouse, followed by five days in Gatlinburg.  Despite the torrential downpour en route to the mountains, we had a fantastic time.  And since my dad called me today dropping not-so-subtle hints that I haven't posted on here in nearly two weeks, I thought I'd oblige with lots and lots of pictures.  {Sidenote: Mom, check your email for a link to Shutterfly.  I know that will make you happy :) } 

The kiddos are getting so big. They love one another dearly and I love that they're growing up with each other so close by. Sure, we break up the occasional scuffle over toys or find the boys with each other in wrestling-like positions, but overall they get along well. Sigh

I'm not going to be eloquent with the photo descriptions because there are a lot of photos.  Just know that my mom bought a package of lip whistles to entertain the little ones and they were a big hit.  You'll understand momentarily why I had to make that comment.

Sutter Butter is all kinds of photogenic. 

I'll make a small note and say that it was his idea to wear the hardhat in the hottub.  Reminds me a little bit of The Village People.

My girl is getting so big.  She's going to kindergarten in the fall.  She cracks me right up.

She should be in a horror movie.  B and I already have her pegged as a future thespian.

 Baby Hudson
 My cousin Heather and her daughter, Paisley.

Of the 100+ pics I uploaded from our vacation, I am in a whopping two.  That's not giving me much room to choose a "good" picture, so this semi-okay one is going to have to do.  Just as proof that I was actually there. 

  Happy Tuesday! 


Jamie said...

Looks like you're having a wonderful summer :)

Love the horror film pic!

Rachel said...

What a fun vacay! I made the mistake of teaching summer school, I'm living vicariously :)

Jessica said...

Your back! Yay! I've missed your posts! :) Looks like you guys are having an awesome Summer!

Michelle Breum said...

I'm a new follower. I write a blog called Beginning Reading Help. My priority is spending time with my kids this summer too. Enjoy!

AbbyS. said...

Looks like a happy start to summer to me!! Clark and I came your way last week as part of our summer of fun. Found lots of good deals at the Gap clearence center. Hope this week is equally as wonderful.

Jeanne said...

Enjoy your summer--after all, we deserve it! You were in my area when you were in Gatlinburg. Good for you that I didn't meet you because I could have bent your ear with "teacher Inspired Apple meanderings!"