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Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Random Post Is Better than No Post At All


  1. It’s so strange that grad school is over and I have nothing pressing to do.  It’s really nice actually, though I still have this feeling that there is something to do and I’m just forgetting what it is. 
  2. Um, I am tearing up.  Watching the cast of Jersey Shore reunite with their family members.  Well played, MTV, well played.
  3. This boy is outgrowing the Famously Awful Threes.  PTL!013
  4. However, he’s grown right into the I’m Not Going to Eat ANYTHING three-and-a-halves, except Pirate Bootie, Spiderman Fruit Snacks, and cheese.   We’ve had recent stand-offs involving untouched sweet potatoes and veggie burgers.  This pictures was taken during a particularly dramatic moment. 016
  5. Since there is absolutely NO snow in our forecast, we’ve had to find a substitute.  So, we had a marshmallow fight at our house the other night and it was sooooooo much fun.  Becks and I conspired in the pantry, and bombarded a sitting-on-the-couch B with a fistfuls of marshmallows.  No mess, easy clean-up, and edible!  Love it!  {Becks used the bean bag to hide behind.}005008
  6. Our New Year’s Eve was low-key and uneventful.  Just the way we like it.  Becks and Sophie had a great time battling it out to Just Dance on the Wii.  And I ate a bazillion barbecued meatballs.  Yummo.                                                      001
  7. I bought some really fun things at Target the other day.  See?021022024023       { top left, clockwise – rug, fruit basket, key holder thing?, and a pink bird!}
  8. I took Beck to the Children’s Museum last week.  You know, during every other kid in the tristate area’s Christmas Break.  It was crazy crowded.  But we had a fun little date, and I got to eat kid food for lunch. I’m pretty sure El Nacho Grande is not real cheese.          008              009012
  9. We had a dusting on Monday, and Becks decided to rekindle the love for The Christmas Hat.  013017
  10. Off to play Words with Friends! And I’m losing to everyone!  And tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!  YAY!


Erin Lukas said...

I'm totally addicted to words with friends! Of course I wasn't playing 24/7 when we back to school. People thought I had given up on our games! :) Good Luck!

P.S. LOVE the marshmallow fight idea! Too cute!

Creating & Teaching

Sarah said...

Can I just say how much I adore Becks' bedhead?? Oh my cuteness!

Jessica said...

Love to see you posting again! I cannot believe how big Becks is getting! What a cutie!

Miss Kindergarten said...

I used context clues and I FINALLY figured out what PTL means!! I think we have the same couch! And at first I thought you got those gray Toms at Target and I almost flipped out!! But then I came to my senses and realized it was the rug that was from Target. Great Target finds anyway ;) TGIalmostF! hehehe

The Kinder Garden said...

I got super excited there for a sec when I thought you meant they started selling Toms at Target. Darn!!! Cute finds, though. :)

Cindy said...

Abby, I have been a fan for about a year now and I love your photos! You do a great job capturing precious moments. I am doing Project 365 this year and just started a personal blog. Have you ever done Project 365? You would be awesome at it!

Jillian said...

I love those Toms! He is getting so big!

Bailey said...

Cute finds! Looks like another trip to target for me. Love your toms, I have the same pair! They are the most comfortable shoes.

Shannon Page said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who managed to tear up during the Jersey Shore last night:) New follower! Love your blog.

Gina said...

I, too, freaked out about the Toms picture. I got so excited for a second.

Also, we are right there with you with the food battles. For. The. Love.

And? Your pictures are getting better and better!

Finally, and very importantly, I was ready to cry at Jersey Shore too but mainly because Vinny left. And I have a giant secret crush on the boy who could probably almost be my son.

I've been missing your posts!

Laurie said...

Great photos! I just started playing Words with Friends. I think it's called an "addiction" when you want to call them to tell them to build a word already!!


Anonymous said...

I'm loving his pouty face with the food. Good luck :)

Jamie (2nd Grade Stuff) said...

Such a cute post! I am a newbie blogger and you are VERY inspiring!

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Crystal @ Ordinary Days said...

Oh wow, I am LOVING that pink bird! What are you planning to do with it?

Mara said...

I've been reading your blog for a little while now and I love it! I have a two and a half year old so I can relate to many of your posts. This one hit home with the battles over not eating. We have seen that same expression at our house several times.
I also got way excited when I thought they were selling Toms at Target! Looks like lots of us were ready to go grab some!

AbbyS. said...

We have the same food battles here. Our child could live on fruit snacks, sliced cheese and cold hot dogs-bleck!
I've been missing you! Is that the Cinci Childrens Museum? I just posted about our trip there, if not which one- maybe we need to go.
Happy weekend to ya'!

According to Ashley said...

1) I'm always losing in Words with Friends, too. Sad times.
2) You're done with grad school?!? I can't even put my jealousy into words. I'm just going to keep chanting "May 2013, May 2013" over and over until that day finally arrives. No but seriously, I keep saying that I won't know what to do with myself when I don't have grad school anymore. I might even work out or something!
3) The marshmallow fight looks like the most fun ever! Y'all are adorable as always.