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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Almost Wednesday II

There is a slight possibility that I became a member of Redbox today. Are you familiar? It's a big red box full of movies that you can rent for $1.

Do you know why I went there?

One guess. I will give you one guess.

{And it's not because I needed to go to Walmart anyway to buy Becks some super cute Christmas jammies...}

It's because it was the quickest way I could get my hands onto Twilight. The library was completely out until 2012 or something crazy, my Netflix account is expired, and I just can't compete with the late fees I'll most likely accumulate if I rent a DVD from the local store. Are you ready for a corny simile: I NEEDED TO SEE THAT MOVIE LIKE VAMPIRES NEED BLOOD. Bwah ha ha ha.

This time last week I was just a regular girl, laughing and pointing at my coworkers who preordered 20+ tickets for the cult of teachers going to see New Moon on opening night. And now I am one of them. What is wrong with me?!?!

I will stop. Right now. No more vampire talk. (Except I do want to tell you that the movie exceeded my expectations and I felt it followed the book fairly well. And I can't hardly wait until Friday. That's all. Oh, and I made my husband watch it with me. Love him.)

Onto my personal day. A day where I spent a large portion of time obsessing over my lesson plans for the coming week and seriously contemplating taking another personal day between now and the holiday break that awaits me in less than a week.

I think it happens to all teachers throughout the year. It's called burnout. And I'm a little burned out. Like completely extinguished. I need Thanksgiving Break. Reference above simile for a comparison to how bad I need five days off, so I don't have to mention the V-word again.

I do love my job. And I love my kids. I just need a little time off to become reinspired and to catch up on my life so that I can be the best wife, mom, and teacher again. But with FIVE HOURS of conferences tomorrow, followed by a two-hour meeting on Thursday, I think there is going to be nothing personal about my life for the next 48 hours.

Totally random and unrelated, but Becks had his H1N1 vaccination today. It went well. We talked a lot about his boo boo, and when I asked him where it was (on his thigh) he pointed to his mow (mouth). So I kept asking him because it was cute.

Going to bed. Night, BFFs.


Jennifer said...

That picture of him in his red jammies just made me smile, too cute!! And by the way, I boycotted Twilight until this summer when all my friends were talking about it and I was tired of being left out. I read the entire series in like 3 weeks and was completely hooked! The last book is the BEST and I think I finished it in 2 days! Enjoy!

KateB said...

LOVE Redbox! We are there atleast twice a week, sometimes more. You cannot beat the $1 Movie!

I am becoming slightly obsessive with Twilight as's a little sick how much I cannot wait to read more of the book. :)

Mommy Webb said...

You might just convince me to watch Twilight. Leedle refuses, so I may have to recruit someone else who will allow me to squeeze their arm if I get skeered. Becks is so adorable, Abz. I love that he calls mouth "mow."

Nat said...

The Christmas pajamas are sooo cute!