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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Q & A Part I

Molly asks, "How do you try to find a balance between work and the baby? I'm always looking for new ways to try things!"

Hmmmm. This is a tricky question, Molly, because I really don't think I'm an expert at it by any stretch of the imagination. Working part-time certainly helps, since I spend the majority of the day at home with Becks, and we're very blessed that he spends his time away from us with his Nanas so I rarely feel guilty about leaving him. My one recommendation is to get on and stay on a regular nap schedule. At 18 months, Becks still takes a morning and afternoon nap. Thus, I usually get at least an hour every afternoon to work on lesson plans, do laundry (right!), or clip coupons. That being said, he sometimes opts out of his afternoon nap and I just declare playtime and give up. Flexibility is key, right?

Jennifer H. says, "I was just wondering if you had any tips/tricks for extended breastfeeding?"

Again, not a professional, but from my personal experience I really think you have to go with what works for you and baby. I was very determined to nurse for the duration of the first year, and anything after that was bonus. The ability to breastfeed and for how long depends on so many varying factors (i.e. milk supply, latch, commitment, support, etc.). While it was an incredible mommy-baby bonding experience and I truly feel that he had increased immunities to the kindergerms I brought him, I also nursed for selfish reasons - it helped me take of the baby weight and it was cheap!

I will say that once we introduced table foods at 6 months (we opted to wait even though given the go-ahead sooner), frequency and duration of nursing session decreased substantially. By his first birthday, he was nursing 3x a day - and sometimes for only 2-3 minutes! I figured that every little bit helped. He weaned on his own, around 14 months. He'd nurse for literally 10 seconds so I knew our time together was finished.

I guess the bottom line is this: do what works for you. If you nurse for 3 days or 3 months, it's all beneficial to the baby. If you opt for formula or find that nursing just isn't for you - big deal! What is important is a healthy baby - by bottle or by breast!

Shannons asks, "How did you and your husband meet? You may have already covered this somewhere, but I'm fairly new :)"

We are highschool sweethearts. {Swoon} We met when I was 15 in Mr. Asuncsion's Arts and Humanities Class. He was a junior, I was a sophomore. He played soccer, I was a cheerleader. We started "talking" sometime in early December, and he "asked me out" on my 16th birthday. Eleven years ago from today, as a matter of fact! Our first date was the annual cheerleading Christmas scavenger hunt. He showed up to meet my parents with blonde-tipped hair and cargo shorts - it was snowing! We kept him anyway ;)

Mel wants to know, "I'm always amazed at your coupon clipping! I'd like to know how you organize your coupons. Do you use a notebook? accordian folder? How do you keep track of which ones are going to expire? I'm just looking to get more organized with my coupon habbits. Thanks!"

Mel, I could talk about this system for pages. I'll get back to you! But it does involve a hefty binder.

Kate (a fellow teacher BFF) at Sugar and Spice asks, "What occupation would you choose if you could not be a super-duper Kindergarten teacher or a SAHM?"

Probably some type of sales, marketing, or advertising position that involved a company car, a black AMEX, and lots of money!!!!! Ha!

In all serious, I do want to be a school principal some day :) I like to be in charge!

Katie asks, "I would like to know why you have been so stingy with your make up/ markers in the past:)?"

This is a question for the ages. I don't know. But I appreciate your smart-alleckness and love you nonetheless :)

{For those of you who don't know, Katie is one of my IRL BFFs and lived with me my sophomore year of college in the ADPi house. Her and my other BFF, Allison, stole my markers and make-up on occasion and I was not happy. While I still obsess over both, I'm a much better sharer and credit the two of them with the free therapy it took to recover.

One of my most favorite bloggy friends, Nat, asks, "When do you think Becks will have a little brother or sister? and What's your favorite thing about being a teacher?"

I think my mind will be able to wrap itself around another pregnancy when Becks is three or four. And not a moment sooner. I really want to enjoy him and for him to have us all to himself for awhile. {Plus, I want to completely forget how miserable pregnancy was for me. Loved the end result, hated the process of getting there.} I could change my mind, but probably not. B and I are both content to wait for awhile. More importantly, Nat, when are you and K going to have a baby?????? Ha ha :)

My most favorite thing about being a teacher is the inspiration I draw from my students. Sure, summer break and snow days are nice, but the best part of my day is watching a student "get" something - actually seeing the little lightbulbs going off in their heads.

Stay tuned for Part II.....

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Nat said...

I love the honesty in the Q&A!!

Merry Christmas!!