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Monday, July 26, 2010

Completely Random

1. You would never know by looking at my new room, but I have done a lot in there over the past week. Since I am changing grade levels, I had to move rooms which was a feat in itself. I completed all of the bulletin boards and have organized as much as I possibly can...but...I'm missing a crucial aspect of organizational success. Namely, student desks, cubbies, cabinets, and student computers. My new room is the former art room so I am acquiring an in-room sink (big deal for us elementary school teachers who have a thing for art projects!), lots of windows, and space! Oh my, the space! I love it! But, again, no classroom furniture besides what's pictured below. Supposedly, it was all ordered months ago. I can deal without cubbies for the start of school but I don't think I can maintain order without desks, lest we all be sitting campfire-style on the floor singing Kumbya for our song of the week. Also, yay for Teacher Week! It's on! Hopefully, I'll get to posting details later this week. If you're an educator interested in taking part, see the post below :)

2. Just some cute photos of my boys swimming this weekend. Becks has ditched the support ring in favor of swimmies only. He's quite a little fish, and even jumps off the board unassisted (i.e. into the arms of no one!). Of course, there are about five sets of adult eyes on him, all ready to jump in fully clothed if necessary. I predict that he'll be swimming proficiently by next summer!

3. So Crayola markers are black now, which apparently makes them greener. As in better for the environment since they're made from recyclable material. Who knew?
4. Becks is big into puzzles these days. Particularly one puzzle that shows a scene from The Very Hungry Caterpillar. He will help me construct it over and over, and before he destroys it he stands on it. Interesting.

5. It's a chore-kinda-day at our house. I have a big ol' heap of laundry to do and we need groceries something desperate. Becks lunch yesterday may have been hotdog, lima beans, and some wrinkly blueberries. Yeah, I agree: FAIL.

6. My sister and I took our kiddos to a farm last week to take advantage of [cheap] produce. Of course we had to pose for a picture on a picnic table infested with bumble bees. Sutton is being stung as the picture was snapped.
7. Meet Homey B. He's all about wearing a baseball cap. Backwards.

8. At bedtime lately, Becks requests to sleep with his soccer book. So we let him. And when I check on him, he usually looks like this.
9. Ask me if it bothers me that I'm ending this list on number 9?
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Gina said...

If you can get your kid to eat lima beans, that is SO not a fail.

Mrs. Southern said...

The last picture of him sleeping with the whole Sesame Street gang and his book is just too cute!

Jamie said...

Your classroom is SO big!

Love all the pictures of Becks...he's such a cutie :)

Erica said...

Agreed that your room looks HUGE! Hope the furniture gets there soon:-)

Northern Mama from the South said...

Wow, a sink!! I'm so jealous and I teach 6th graders who barely get to do art in the room. I miss my sink, but this year I traded a sink for windows. Amazing what natural light can do for sanity.

Nat said...

I just saw the second half of your comment on my blog about the hooch and beer pong and laughed sooo hard hahahaha ohh college!

Allison said...

That blanket to the right of Beck's head looks suspiciously familiar...perhaps a bluey replica? hmmm.....