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Monday, November 8, 2010

misc. monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

  1. Night 2 sans Jee Bah has been a success.  Becks woke up at 3am last night crying for it, but I just re-explained the mouse issue to him {which apparently makes complete sense to a 2-year-old because he has whole-heartedly bought it and explained it to anyone who asks} and he slept until morning.  He made it through naptime today without one and went down tonight with absolutely zero fuss.  Amen for small blessings.
  2. I have lost my travel coffee mug and we're out of the disposable mugs I keep in the cabinet for instances when my travel coffee mug goes missing or is dirty (frequently).  So I haven't taken coffee to school in two weeks. That means I'm back to 2 cans of Diet Coke by 10am. 
  3. The elusive parent-teacher conferences are {gasp!} next week.  I have at least 1-2 every day leading up to mid-week and then I have 1,302 on Wendesday alone.  Thank goodness they buy pizza and coke for anyone who stays late.
  4. I spent $62 at Target tonight on diapers, wipes, paper towels, milk, razors, and shampoo.  And not one fun thing like a Christmas ornament or cute top even made it into my cart.  That's not to say I didn't consider the possibility of buying both...
  5. I am already wishing for at least one snow day before Christmas.  I'd settle for a 2-hour delay, though.
  6. There are 12 school days remaining until Thanksgiving Break.  Yippeeeee!
  7. I am currently listening to the new T. Swift CD on repeat in my car.  My favorite song = Dear John.  You all will appreciate that Becks asks that I put on "his music" {Taylor Swift} when he gets in the car and then specifically requests that I play John Deer.  Ah, to be raising a boy.
  8. Is anyone else's husband obsessed with the show Castle?  loves it.  My feelings are more like meh, but he insists on watching it every Monday without fail.  I guess Castle is to B, as Teen Mom is to me? 
  9. Did I mention we went to the Lake this past weekend?  We did!  And, low and behold, I didn't take one single picture :(  Boo.
  10. Off to bed.  Or to convince B I need a neck massage.  Regardless, my eyes are crossing in exhaustion staring at this screen.  G'night!


Brandi said...

My hubs and I watch Castle every Monday night.. HEHE!! It's our date night!!! I've been drinking way too much DC too!! Just sooo good and I need the caffeine!! Have a great week. And woohoo on the Jee bah.

Gina said...

I do #4 at least once or twice a month.

Anonymous said...

That's such good news about the pacifier. Hope it continues to go well.

I have parent/teacher conferences next week too :( And you inspired me to count...7 days til Thanksgiving break!! Woo-hoo!!

Ashley said...

I can never go in Target and only buy what I need; props to you for doing so! And just a sidenote: I can't wait until I have to spend money on diapers and wipes for my own little one. You're so lucky to be a mom! :)

MrsKinne said...

I am listening to the new Taylor Swift on repeat, too.

And I wouldn't mind a little 2-hour-delay action myself.

According to Ashley said...

Love some of Taylor's new songs! I'm cheap so I haven't downloaded the CD to itunes yet -- just been listening to them on YouTube when I feel like it - haha! Oh and I'm in the midst of parent conferences, too. Some days I have 3, 4 or 5....and that's on top of teaching!! So ready for them to be over!

The Chapmans said...

I like the show Castle. I just started watching it this season(since it is on after Dancing with the Stars). I just have enjoyed watching it. Castle is funny to me and I like how noone really thinks he knows much but really helps them in there cases. I'm a nerd I guess! lol

B said...

I haven't heard the new T-swift cd yet, but I need to! And we've never watched Castle, but have heard it's good. Have a good day :)

Miss Chelsea said...

Hahah John Deer... love it. What a character you have

AbbyS. said...

CONGRATS on the paci (as we call it )! We have been thinking about doing the same. It is such a crutch for me. He loves it at night and IT WORKS. I am thinking I will try tonight. WISH ME LUCK! You think Becks could call C and explain to him about the mouse?
LOVE DEAR JOHN! Love that cd more than I thought and yes- C loves the song MEAN. :)
10 school days until Thanksgiving Break YAHOO!!

Giggles said...

We love Castle and watch it every week.

California Wife said...

YAY for Thanksgiving break being just around the corner, I cannot wait!
I always record Castle, but don't ever get around to watching it 'til I've caught up on everything else.