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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Same old, same old.

I haven't had much blog material lately.  Mostly because I would be writing the same post every day.  The same things you've probably read here, oh, at least a dozen times before.

Life is soooo busy.  I'm stressed out of my mind.  The laundry isn't caught up.  My house is a wreck.  I haven't cleaned the bathroom in over a month.  Becks is still terrible-two-ish (and very sweet at times too!).  I can't believe how fast the year has gone by.  School is running me dry.  Grad school is a load of busy work.  I am tired, tired, tired.  Etcetera.  Etcetera.

Sound familiar?

Sometimes I wonder if being busy is a blessing or a curse.  Because I usually thrive when I'm most busy.  I budget my time more wisely, I think better on my feet, and feel most creative when it's crunch time. 

But this busy - the kind of busy where I do stupid things like forget to complete the application for a grad school class that is, gulp, due tomorrow - this busy is anxiety-inducing and not-so-much inspiring.  I am drained. 

I wish I could add about four additional weekends in the month of December just so I have time to enjoy the season and still find the time to create Christmas-themed units for my classroom and holiday shop and find the time to make a homemade pumpkin pie because I've never made one in my life. 

But, again, this busy-ness is nothing new.  It's a season in our lives.  And, admittedly, if I were speaking in terms of semesters, this one really has gone by quickly.  What was once August is now December. Crazy. 

Stop and smell the poinsettias, anyone?


According to Ashley said...

Time is REALLY flying! I cannot believe tomorrow is December. Here's to hoping you get to stop for a second and just take it all in this Christmas :)

Jamie said...

You ARE busy girl! December and the Christmas season does fly by :( Hope you have a great rest of the week!

Lauren said...

Hang in there neighbor! We have a fun party to attend on Saturday!

Ariane said...

Abby, we love your blog & will read anything you have to write! Also, I totally agree that this semester has flown by. I'm almost a graduate!

Ashlee said...

You're make me feel like I should be doing so much more :)

Love the Christmas theme!

Anonymous said...

Somebody is going to have a seizure from all that red font they have to read!

Sallie said...

Hang in there! I know how time flies while working full time, being a wife and mommy! I can't imagine adding grad school in the mix- you are seriously my hero!
Sending a big Christmas hug your way!

Abby said...

Dear Anony,

If you're going to insult my blog, at least give me a name :)

{If you are my sister(s): SHUT IT.}

Aleshia said...

I love your blog!! You are too funny! I loved the part where you said "Stop and smell the poinsettias, anyone?" haha..hang in there and atleast you are doing something with your life!! I am very ready for the semester to be over with! I need a break!!