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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Very Important Things.

Yesterday, while at the grocery, I decided two very important things:

a) I do not like one way parking lanes.  It really complicates things when I spy a good spot, usually right next to the cart return, but because I can't go down the up or up the down someone else zooms right in and I miss it.  Darn.

b) Shopping carts should have parking brakes.  Especially the hybrid ones that are part-cart and part-automobile.  Because do you have any idea how difficult it is to keep that behemoth from rolling into traffic when it's full of groceries and your kiddo and you're trying to unload it in a windstorm on in incline?  Not an easy task, but my ab muscles are better for it.

Yesterday, while making dinner, I decided two other very important things:

a) I have missed cooking for my family over the past four months.  At one point, I actually felt myself getting a little teary thinking about how proud I was that B's hard work made it possible, and how thankful I am to have food to eat and a family to cook for.  That is really a very sappy thing, but you never know how much you appreciate all of that until your back aches from washing dishes in the bathtub or you look at your dinner plate and praise God that not one thing on it came from a box. 

b) I love my boys more and more everyday.  Watching them grill out together - while hosting an impromptu soccer game on our new deck - is just precious. 

This weekend, while at the lake, I decided two other ver important things:

a) There is a lot of value in doing nothing.  And it's underrated and underappreciated.  I need to do nothing more often.

b) Family is the biggest blessing.  Ever.

Yesterday, while reviewing blog comments, I decided two other very important things:

a) I love my readers!  Thanks to Jocelyn, I have ordered the supercutie print below for my new kitchen:

And thanks to one of my teacher bloggy friends, I can also print out my very own Diet Coke sign from Thirty Handmade Days!  Go HERE to check out this great print! {Please tell me which of you sent this link to me yesterday - there were 4 different blogs on the profile, so I couldn't figure out which one of you it was!!!!  Many thanks!}

b)  Obviously, I have a severe addiction to Diet Coke and everyone knows about it!  Ha!

Well, I'm getting the I wanna hold you, mommy! call, so I'm off to get Becks up for another great Spring Break day!


...just another preppy shopaholic said...

Fun family photos! I also love the print, bet it will look great in your kitchen!

Unknown said...

I love the picture of Becks playing, with the soccer ball, grill and the amazing house in the background. Would that be your porch? I am in love. :) Beautiful! Doing nothing is fabulous! Take a break you deserve it!


Jenni said...

I love this post!

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet post! :)

Jamie said...

Looks like y'all had a great time at the lake! Glad you're enjoying your spring break :)

Lyryn said...

I love that sign. So stinking cute!

Mique said...

Thanks for linking to my printables post. Glad I posted one of your loves! ;)

Jessica said...

Such a cute post! And oh so true! Especially how family is the biggest blessing. Amen to that!

Amanda said...

After your very first a), I wanted to click the like button on facebook and then after reading the rest of them, I realized I would have just "liked" them all. So, I'm telling you here in the comments instead! ;)

Ms. Metevia said...

I love your first picture- the slanted (beautiful) house in the background... great angle!

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Stephanie said...

I love the diet coke print! I need to get me one!!


Shannon said...

B & B in the bucket thing cracks me up. That weekend looks just about perfect, glad you were able to relax and enjoy those boys of yours.

ben+alex said...

i feel the same way about one way lanes in parking lots. really cramps my style. and i literally JUST received that same "i love your more than diet coke print". isn't is amazing? so perfect for those of us who are addicts.

i just found your blog and am loving it.
new follower:)


Sara Zakar said...

been following you for a while.. you are hillarious.. love your posts.. will you come see my blog? it is

Sara Zakar