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Thursday, September 15, 2011


I started writing this post about 2 hours ago while I was shopping at Kroger.  Mainly because I had to get my mind out of that grocery store, where no amount of consoling was calming down my screaming 3-year-old. 

We were having a bit of a throw-the-baby-pumpkin-on-the-ground issue, which resulted in losing the pumpkin beneath the shelves somewhere.  And then I refused to go get another one.  Hence the monster-sized meltdown.  No, seriously, he cried (tears and all) for the last 25 minutes we were in the store, and if we didn’t need food something awful, I would’ve left sooner.  I was already running through it at a Super Market Sweep pace, while occasionally getting a centimeter from Becks’ nose to calmly remind him to please be quiet mommy is going as fast as she can, whispered under my breath.

I’m pretty sure everyone in the store wanted to stare at us, but they couldn’t because they were probably on their phones dialing Child Protective Services to please save this poor child from the wrath of his non-pumpkin retrieving mother. 

Of course, all was right again when we passed the Halloween blow-ups and his mind was taken off of the baby pumpkin mishap.  Sheesh.

Once we got home, I played the whole let’s-see-how-many-plastic-grocery-bags-I-can-fit-on-my-arms game since B was at school and Becks’ is only good for carrying in a bag or two before he gets distracted by the soccer ball in the front yard.  Do y’all do that?  Temporarily risk loss of blood circulation in your arms just for the sake of taking one less trip to the car?  You know you do.

Seeeeeriously.  I need a weekend.  And a tall glass of reisling.  OY.

Well, TGtomorrowIF!


Unknown said...

I almost had one of those trips to Wally World yesterday but I asked my bestie to stay with the kiddos. I still tried to do the whole "cut the circulation off" bag carrying method. After tonight (9 week old screaming baby) I could really use a glass of wine. Can I drink wine while breastfeeding?

Katie @
Keeping Up With Katie

Tracy Lee said...

I have one of those trips everytime I take little missy with me!! Good for you for not getting the pumpkin... though... one of those battles that will pay in the long run! Weekend is almost here!!!!!

Michelle said...

Oh girlfriend! Let me just tell you... Wait until you have two. This week has about put me over the edge. Landon thinks it's hilarious to scream at the top of his lungs in the grocery and throw our food out of the cart and on to the floor! I can totally relate. Meet me in Hyde Park for a drink and some retail therapy. :)
Michelle O.

AbbyS. said...

oh abby! I have totally been there. You just made me laugh out loud. Not at your expense, just because I totally get it.

Jodi said...

I have SOOOOOOOO been there! Before having children, I would look at screaming kids in the grocery store and think, "Parents, do something about that." Now, I just smile with pity and tell them that I can completely relate.
And, yes, I will turn my hand blue trying to get everything inside in as few trips as possible :)


Tessa said...

It will get better. I will never forget the time at wally world I had a crying infant in a carseat on the top of the cart, a screaming two year old in the basket of the cart and a 4 and 6 year old holding onto one of my belt loops on either side of me - begging for chocolate syrup and marshmallows. I just about had a mommy melt down and I KNOW I had people staring at me, sure that I had done something to them. These darlings are now 13, 11, 9 and almost 7. It will get easier to go to the store. Just remember to ignore all of the deep pre-teen sighs and eye rolls when you say no to the aqua blue eyeshadow your 3 daughters swear they MUST have and the, " but Tanner has one" comments from your darling boy when he requests a football helmet for no apparent reason. :)
Spotlight on Kindergarten

lauren brittany said...

I use the "go green" bags that you can buy at most grocery stores. sure it is heavy, but so much more fits in them and i can usually get it all in one or two trips! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh you crack me up Abby!! I happen to have the perfect solution to your loss of blood circulation in your arms while carrying bags in the house-lol!! A LARGE UTILITY TOTE! I have 6! They are the most perfect bag and I have my name embroidered on all of them to make them just that much cuter! lol! I just so happen to sell these bags! lol! Thirty-One is amazing!! Anyways, I always leave a couple large utility totes in my trunk just for those silly shopping bags & they are GREAT for carrying stuff to my Kindergarten classroom!! :)You can check them out here:
Have a fabulous day!

Annie said...

so glad you left me a comment! i'm following you now! :) your family and blog are so cute!!

Erica said...

Abby where are you?! I miss reading your blog. Hope everything is going well!