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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Deep Breaths.

Hi, hi! 

There is sooooooo much going right now!  I do intend to be a better blogger.  Someday.  I just don’t know when.  Between school and family and grad school, I just can’t keep it altogether!  Really, I can’t.  So, I’ve become the ultimate procrastinator. 

My thesis?  That’s due in 2 weeks?  Only 75% finished.  I just can’t bring myself to wrap up the last 25%.  Mostly because it involves a significant amount of data analysis, and I’d rather bond with my husband over the the latest episode of Call of the Wildman than run another dang t-test.  Seriously, though, have you seen that show?!  No lie, it’s all kinds of better than Jersey Shore, making it my new favorite reality series.  Better yet: totally taped in Kentucky.  Holla!!!!!

When I think about the fact that I won’t have to do any more schooling for the rest of my life (unless self-inflicted and I pursue my Rank I), I could turn a dozen cartwheels.  Though I’d probably pull something because my knees are giving me big trouble lately.  I am going to be turning – gulp – TWENTY-NINE next month.  What?!  What?!  REALLY?!

I know.  I can’t believe it either.

But, back to life.  Our life.  The life that is all consuming and wonderful and stressful and crazy.  That life. 


Prayers have been answered, and Becks has had a stellar past four days.  This is big news around our house because the sweet little pumpkin has been testing our patience like you wouldn’t believe.  And here’s a bazillion pics of our cah-to-the-razy 3-year-old… 








To add to the craziness, and because it’s been, oh, 4 months since since the completion of the kitchen…we’re getting ready to remodel again!!! 

Hopefully I’ll have the time and motivation to post again soon.  Hope y’all are having a happy fall!


Unknown said...

Hehe I have a pic of both Caleb and Mckinlee on the same tractor from the exact same angle :). We really need to plan a bloggy meet up/play date when your life slows down a little.

Mommy Webb said...

I think it's a three year old's job to test our patience:). How exciting that you are almost done with school. Praying that last 25% comes together easy breezy.

Gina said...

He is really starting to look more like you! Love your pics!

Anonymous said...

Cute picture of you and your son. How long have you been teaching?

Amy said...

Hi Abby! It's Amy from lifegroup. What a cute blog you have!