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Monday, June 11, 2012

For Only Pennies...


Did I mention I love summer?  I do.

I love it so much that I caved to Becks’ request to have a chocolate chip cookie for breakfast.  I mean, why not? 


And it’s only the 11th.  The 11th!  I still have lots more summer living in me.  Including, but certainly not limited to, vacations.  We leave for Hilton Head, SC on Saturday morning.  I went once before.  I was 17.  We travelled all night and I mostly remember waking up at 2am to my friend’s aunt loudly belting out Carly Simon.  Her aunt was supercool, so I then became smitten with Carly.  Still am.  You walked in to the party, like you were walking onto a yacht…  Note to self: add some Carly to the iPod.  Also, The Hunger Games because I am absolutely making B listen to it while we drive. 

So, Hilton Head.  What to wear, what to wear.  Oh, I know what NOT to wear: anything from Forever21.  That store freaks me out.  I know it’s full of trendy bargains, but I feel like I need a stylist when I walk in there.  I’m not kidding you.  I was obsessed with it during college, and now it’s entirely too overwhelming for me.  Kind of like Abercrombie & Fitch.  Used to drop 120 bucks on a pair of holey jeans from there, and now I can’t get past the cologne stench or blaring music fast enough.  It’s official: I’m old. 

Not too old for Penny’s, though.  As in JCPenny’s.  I feel very mom-ish even calling it Penny’s, but it is what it is.  And, apparently it’s a pretty stylin’ store these days because OMIWORD I was 12 kinds of *in love* with many of their lines today. 

I mean you know I’d rather be running around in leggings or a unitard, but I figure that vacation warrants a change in the norm.

Me, per usual, in leggings.  Looking very, very awkward taking a self portrait.  Dang I need a highlight and cut.


But, onto the steals at Penny’s! 

Jorts and cute yellow top with an even cuter back.

074          075

This coral and navy stripy top.


Something old, something new…something coral.  Again.


An 80s print with linen shorts.


Maxin’ out in this maxi skirt. 


A little one-shouldered number.


And an itsy bitsy teeny weeny blue polka dot bikini.


I’ll be honest.  I went a little overboard.  I’m not keeping it all.  The one-shouldered dress and the maxi are definitely going back.  I’m just not in love with them.  But I still wanted to show you because wow! Penny’s has got it going on! 

So, happy Monday to you and go get your shop on at a good ol’ fashioned department store :)


Kelsie said...

loving the print of the one shouldered dress, I just never like wearing one shoulder things since you have the awkward bra strap situation or even more awkward strapless bra dilemma

whit said...

Could NOT agree more on A&F and Forever 21! And I'm only 25 ha! But it's just too overwhelming.

And I LOVE the coral dress!

Jessica said...

Hopefully the weather will be sunny and clear for your vacation! They have some great outlet shops in Hilton Head :)

The Ottley's said...

And you are officially 12 kids of hilarious!

Allyson McGuire said...

I totally agree...I am definitely a department store shopper now! I can't ever find anything in those other stores.

Jessica Ann Stanford said...

LOVE the dresses!! I'm a dress hoarder and now you have me on a trip to Penny's hehe

Jessica Stanford
Mrs. Stanford's Class

amandapreece said...

Oh my goodness! And Hollister, too! I told my husband I know why people buy stuff in there--it's like sex! Loud and dark and lots of cologne! :) I'm in LOVE with the bikini! Definitely a keeper!:)

Mrs. Wheeler said...

Keep the 1 shoulder dress! That's my favorite pice!!!

Have a great trip!

Jess said...

I totally love those dresses! I think those were my favorite things and the polka dot bikini! I'm headed to department stores to find this stuff! I've been loving Target lately too. Forever 21 totally freaks me out as's way too messy and let's face it I'm not 21 anymore. Hope you have a wonderful trip to Hilton Head I love it there such a peaceful little place!

Allie said...

I like the one shoulder dress! I never shop at JC Penny's because I never go to the part of town that it is in, but maybe I should more often! I love that coral dress too, its one of my favorite colors to wear!

Jennjilla said...

OMG. I am loving Penny's these days, too! I wish I were as tiny as you are so I could wear more of their stuff!!

Lea Liz said...

Oh girl I love Penny's!!!! They have so many cute lines there!! I shop there alot!

Love everything you picked out!! Have fun at Hilton Head!

I feel the same way about F21 and Abercrombie!!

Jonelle Bell said...

The maxi and one shoulder dresses are my favs!! Do not take them back!! Let me know if you want to get together when you get back from vacation.
A Place Called Kindergarten

Jonelle Bell said...

The maxi and one shoulder dresses are my favs!! Do not take them back!! Let me know if you want to get together when you get back from vacation.
A Place Called Kindergarten

Gina said...

I hear all the time how great Penney's is. I just never go there. Perhaps you have inspired me. ;)

Jamie said...

CUTE finds!

Have lots of fun in HH! We live about an hour from there and love making day trips to the beach or to the outlet malls :)

Unknown said...

I love, LOVE, love the suit!! The color, the polka cute! Great finds! Now I think I may shop this week. Can't wait to get my shop on! :)

Thanks for sharing!

Ziggyfriends said...

I'll begin trying to think positive thoughts and send this rain away! I'm in Upstate SC and it's pouring right now. Hopefully, it will move on out and you'll get some lovely mild beach weather. I love JCPenney too. You'll be surprised at how much HH has grown up since you've been there. I was. There are some great outlet malls just before you hit the causeway to the island. Hope you have a great time.

Brynley said...

OMGosh! I laughed so hard at the AF comment. I went shopping today and also got lots of great $20 and under deals. That totally discounts the total, right? Anyway, I literally had to turn around and leave AF because of the music. It was a complete walk-of-ageshame.

Brynley's Brainstorms

Cecelia said...

I agree about A & F and Forever 21. Unfortunately they were not around when I was younger but I have to shop there b/c I have kids. And so do YOU. So you will be back...


PS LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the maxi. Keep it!!!!!!!!

Jodi said...

We're in Hilton Head right now until Saturday!! It's beautiful here. Too bad we weren't here at the same time :(
PS: I have the exact same blue polka dot suit!!
Have a great vacation!

Erica said...

Ha ha, I must be old too because I can't go in those stores either! Of course, AF and Forever 21 have always scared me... I'll stick to Sears and JC Penney any day! Plus, they're cheaper! So, so old... and I'm only 27!

Anonymous said...

Whoa! When did JC Penny's get such great stuff?? I think I need to rethink some things...great blog! I'm your newest follower :)


kraftykathy said...

My favorite is Ready to Read! {Reading Activities for the Beginning of the Year} I too need to rethink Penneys!

pretty little things said...

just discovered your blog and I love it!
newest follower - hope you can check mine out as well! : )

Kerri Buckner said...

Love the Pennys stuff. I got a few things for my honeymoon there. I think I might have to go back before school starts. I'm working on a more grown up wardrobe. I feel pretty silly shopping in the same places as teenagers these days.
Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Kindergarten