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Sunday, January 27, 2013

weekend update.


I  mean, right?!

Obviously, it didn’t matter that I wanted to have another baby by the time I was 30.  Or that I thought that baby would come from my belly.  The Lord’s purpose.  Now that is a plan right there.  And, I can’t sit and call him and be like, Hey, God?  So, about that baby…  I wish I could :)  So, I guess that’s the best adoption update I can give you right now.  It’s not about my plan – it’s about His purpose.  And, won’t the day that His purpose is made clear for our family be a day?!

We’re just living life around these parts.  Trying hard to muddle through January.  It’s just one of those months you get through.  It’s cold and dreary.   You’re combatting the let down from all that holiday momentum.  Suddenly you’re like – oh, you mean we don’t have plans EVERY minute of every day OR a fridge stocked full of appetizers and cookies anymore?  And the loss of the glow from the Christmas tree.  And the soft sound of Christmas music floating through the house. I miss that.  Then I try to think of all things shiny and new and I get excited about spring.  Which, naturally, leads to thoughts of summer.  Ahhhhh, summer. 

Wishing my life away.  But trying hard not to.

Becks and I have spent our time indoors arts and crafting.  Totally up my ally.  Leave all that superhero stuff to his daddy because this mama loves to be at a table with all sorts of markers, glue and paper in front of her. 

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I’m still trying to balance working out and eating.  I like to do both, you know.

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Though, I’ve done a lot more eating and a lot less working in the past week.  I got the FLU.  Even after getting the flu mist – which I will never do again.  I’ve always had the shot and haven’t had the flu since 7th grade.  Henceforth, only shots for me.  Flu = 5 days of a miserableness. 

So, happy-end-of-weekend.  Have a great week!


Mrs. McHaffie said...

Thanks for the new verse to add to my "inspiration board!" Keeping you in my prayers.

It's okay to eat more than workout. I'm a pro at it!


Mrs. Wheeler said...

Those donuts look amazing. Hang in there. Your time will come..

Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
Mrs. Wheeler TpT

Candice said...

I just started Bloom yesterday and haven't put it down. I too love Kelle's blog. Her writing is so honest and real, I feel like I birthed this precious babe sometimes as I'm deep in those pages! So raw and emotional. Hang in there lady. Until that phone call comes, these books will be a great distraction. :)

Claire Kiefer said...

Well whatever you're doing with your workout/eating regime, you're doing it right--you look great! And I'm salivating over those donuts.

Crossing my fingers that everything works out for you, and soon!

Ashley said...

so sorry you caught the crud! I hear that blueberry donuts are the best medicine. :)

Nat said...

Sending good baby vibes your way! I also struggle with my love of food vs trying to be healthy/working out! Looks like you and Becks are having lots of fun indoors

Tickled Pink Mandy said...

Thinking of you often through this journey! And so interesting to hear about the flu mist... I don't think they have ever even offered it to me ( I guess that's good! ) Glad you're feeling better!

Elizabeth said...

The flu is the WORST! I got in on Christmas Eve and it ruined half of my break. So sorry...I know you feel awful. Best remedy is one show whisky, 2 shots water water, 1/4 lemon and T. honey. Bring it to a boil and drink it before you go to bed. It helps :)
Feel better!
Kickin' it in Kindergarten

Anonymous said...

Where did you get your chevron camera strap? LOVE!

Mommy Webb said...

I'm pretty sure it's cruel to post a picture of your teeny tininess beside a box of donuts. You look like you have never touched a donut, sista;). Sorry to hear you have been under the weather. I know what you mean about wasting away the winter...this warmer weather is such a tease:).

Anonymous said...

Oh Abby, I haven't checked on your blog in so long--last time I read you had decided go to work part-time and your heart was so heavy. I am so happy to hear that your heart has been turned to adoption. I am a mom to a biological son and then we adopted our daughter (int'l - from China). It is the biggest leap of faith you can take, but for us...I cannot put into words how amazing it is...I hope and pray that you get that call soon. You are so right -it is in God's hands, but He will take care of it all! :) Although the road can be bumpy at times, in the end, you have each other and you will get through it together. Boy, the waiting is hard though. So, so happy for you! I will check your blog more often now (I work full time as a TA and have decided to go back to school at 43 to fulfill my dream of being a teacher - you inspire me so much!) :)
Kristen H., Long Island, NY

SH said...

Love your camera strap!

The Hartungs Blog

Jill said...

That little guy is gorgeous! Just like his Mama! The donuts are making me hungry...wish I had one at my desk right now:)

Erica said...

Loving the quote in the picture that you started the post off with! So much truth in those words!