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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Never go to HoGo without a plan.

It's no secret.  I have a thing for home decor.  

I love to shop for it, change it out, rearrange it, and look at it from different angles in my house.  Because that's normal.

While my friends Ashley and Treenah were over helping me unpack, they came to the following conclusion.  I like all things white and ceramic.  Tell me something I don't know.  I also have a penchant for pillows and side tables.  They just didn't get to unpack those boxes :)

Fortunately, I also like cheap.  And, if I'm not thrifting it or pulling it from someone's curb, it's probably from Homegoods or Target.  Which brings me to my venture to all things home and good and why it was a major bust today.

Problem A.

I took this ding dong with me.  Love him dearly, but have mercy this kid keeps me on my toes!  When he wasn't singing loudly (i.e. making robot noises), he was trying to distract me by trying to touch things on the shelves. I spent a lot of time brushing his hands away from shell wreaths and yard animals.  

Problem B.

The bigger problem.  I went with no plan.  I was lost among all the home goodness, passing through aisle upon aisle of accessories questioning my motives.  Did I come for bath rugs?  Do I need a 4 foot ceramic apple?  This rooster?  A stone buddah figure?  SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!

I actually came looking for my mantle.  But, again, no plan.  I didn't even Pinterest before I went.  

Here is the mantle and built-ins in very early stages.  I'm so not satisfied.  I (read: B), needs to paint behind the TV and bookcases to lighten them up.  Probably a shade of gray.  I will also paint the cabinets white.  Depending on how both of those work out will determine whether or not I also paint the stone surrounding the fireplace.  

So, I bought nothing.  Sigh.  But, I did Pinterest when I came home.  Here's some pinspiration...


I'm leaning toward the reclaimed wood box full of hydrangeas.  With maybe a lantern-looking thing one end.  Maybe my vintage blue Ball jars, too? And a mirror?  Some candles?  I don't know.  Obviously, I have a lot of thinking to do.  Commitment is hard.  


Unknown said...

I think we are long lost twins. But you are the tall skinny one. I'll just leave it at that!!!! I couldn't LOVE this post more.

Ashley said...

go back to HoGo and get the rooster :) xoxo

Primary Paradise said...

Luckily the only Home Goods store is 40 minutes away or I would be in deep trouble. Love your post. Congrats on your new home.
Primary Paradise

Jeanne said...

Tell B about that color plan--step 1.

I love your fireplace wall! Awesome.

I can identify both with shopping with kids (or not shopping). And I can also feel your pain--wandering aimlessly and not knowing what is the way to go with decorating.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love that rug...did you get it online? I just want you to know that we pray about your adoption during our prayers. Your story has touched me and my own two girls love for me to check your blog to see if "you've heard anything yet". It's so cute! I just know the right little darling is coming your way...what a lucky kid....your house looks gorgeous! I'm a teacher too so I follow your teaching blog as well. Thanks for all your great ideas and positive attitude. I'm moving to kinder from third grade next year so I may need you younger grade bloggers advice as I've never taught anything below second. Good luck to you and let me know about the rug if you have time!

Stephanie Ann
Sparkling in Third Grade

Sarah said...

I feel like I never have a plan in Homegoods. The one in my town just closed and I am so upset!

A. Monroe said...

Shelves in the fire place. So cool!
Summers coming you will have so much more time to commit to your home design business.
Have fun.

School Is a Happy Place

Miss DeCarbo said...

Beautiful! I love the mantle.

Miss DeCarbo said...

Oops! I did not mean to leave a link to a pin on my last comment! So sorry Abby!!! I meant to just leave my name. Sugar and Spice

Unknown said...

HI there...I am the same exact way! I love me some Homegoods and Target. If you are looking for wooden boxes or decor that would match take a look at this website below...I think it's normally for wedding's but you can find some cute decor for the home! I have hydrangeas for my family room and found a cute box like the one in the pick on this site.

Hope that helps!

Bits of First Grade