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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Of lily pads and faith.

The first real day of summer started out swimmingly.  

Unfortunately, I failed to sunscreen appropriately and have one of the worst sunburns I can remember.  Ouch.

Becks has a little more independence at the pool this year.  He's taller and can swim.  He makes buddies with anyone who's carrying around a squirt gun.  Yet, I can only get through about a half a paragraph of a book before I feel the urge to check on him, or before he's calling out to me to watch him sit under the dunk bucket that pours gallons of water onto waiting little heads.  He loves it.  

I remember going to the pool with my mom and sisters when we were young, swigging from yellow Hi-C juice boxes and munching on lunch during adult swim.  It's funny how some things never change.  How a different generation is now seated in the lounger, goggles secured, swigging from a juice box, munching on lunch, and waiting for the whistle to signal all can swim again.  

Becks has also independently mastered the lily pads.  The kids in line behind him must have incredible patience because he takes his precious time in maneuvering from pad to pad.  

So, today feels a little bit more like summer than Tuesday did.  I'm so grateful for sunshine and warm temperatures.  

I'm also grateful for this.

Because faith isn't easy.  But it is promising and full of hope.  It is bigger than I am.  And - even more comforting - is that He already knows of the things my heart desires and He knows where my faith will take me.  

Happy, happy Thursday :)


Sarah said...

That pool looks amazing! I'm always a little jealous reading your posts around this time since your school year ends a lot sooner than mine does.

Lauren said...

that pool looks amazing! :)

Amber O. said...

Keep that faith, Abby. Im really struggling to accept His plan for my life during 4 years of no answers/movement towards what I would like my future to hold. i just have to embrace the fact that His vision is so much clearer than my own;) beautiful photos...your "little" is growing so much!

Katie Knight said...

Hi cutie! I am praying for you and the upcoming adoption. I read this when you originally posted it and came to check back and see if you had news! You have been covered in prayer for the past few months.
Love, Katie Knight
Teacher to the Core