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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

To be human again.

We, as parents, have to don the occasional Super Hero Cape.  Some would argue that we wear our capes on a daily basis, as we pack lunches, kiss boo boos, and cheer from the sidelines.  And, I would agree.  To some extent.  But, let me tell you, I am ecstatic to shed mine in exchange for my bathrobe and a cup of coffee.  To hang it up right next to our five month hospital stay.  To tuck it away in the back of the drawer and leave it there for a good long while, worn and ragged from months of use.  

Here's a legit Super Hero.  He wears his cape, er, shell, by choice.  

On that regular, old Monday morning in November, no one told me that I would be performing Super Hero duties for the next five months.  That, in reflecting, I would wonder how bills got paid, how we didn't die of starvation from lack of grocery shopping, or how we managed to function on little sleep, lots of stress, and an overwhelming love for our son and daughter.  Hard to believe menial tasks like that are considered Super Human, but they really seem quite monumental when much of your mind strength is devoted to considering sickness, life support, and sometimes even death, on a daily basis.  

So, I'm feeling human again. 

My house is messy.  There are Legos everywhere.  Sometimes diapers.  Mounds of laundry.  A whole room devoted to medical supplies.  There are IV bags in my refrigerator and an IV pole we tote around the house.  We had a whole dinner consisting of cheesy bread one night, though I did insist Becks have a fruit cup and some yogurt, too.  There is a half-eaten lunch plate still taking residence on the kitchen table.  Yet, baby life is crazy and good.  

And, I get to drink coffee in my bathrobe.   Not my Super Hero Cape.  

I kinda like it.  Not even kinda.  I REALLY like it. 


P!nky said...

What a beautiful post and beautiful pictures of your life. Faith is so lovely and Becks looks like the perfect, super hero big brother.

I'm so happy you are home with your family. I've been praying for y'all!

Unknown said...

She's just beautiful. Enjoy every moment at home!

Jennjilla said...

She's beautiful!!! My name was Faith before I was adopted, it's my favorite baby girl name in the whole world!

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Your house is a bit messy and you are drinking coffee in a bathrobe! Glad to hear. And even though you have "taken" that superhero cape off, it is a cape of invisibility and is still sitting on your shoulders......because you are a MOM! Remember...cheesy bread does have a couple of food groups, laundry piling up saves water because you do less loads and coffee tastes best when you are wearing a bathrobe (so does wine sometimes!). And Abby, on those days where it seems to be so overwhelming, please always remember there are footprints in the sand.

Becca Adams said...

I'm so glad you have her home with you. Continued prayers for sweet Faith and all of you!

Unknown said...

Abby, my husband and I are in the midst of the adoption process and are six months into the "waiting" period. Your sweet baby Faith has given me faith as well that someday we'll also be embracing our new normal. I literally cannot thank you enough for sharing your story!

Just A Primary Girl said...

Abby, I am so incredibly happy for you. Those simple moments make all the craziness worth it. Enjoy and soak up this time with your new addition and the rest of your sweet family.

kinder-gardening said...

Welcome home. I'm so happy for you and your sweet family. Becks is going to be the best super hero brother EVER! You might want to wear some slippers while you sip on that coffee, Abby. I've stepped on legos many a time and they hurt! I had to take a second look, but there is a sweet little cutie in your lap in the last picture. She's beautiful.

Angela said...

The best thing about this post (and it may seem trivial) is the background of Beck's Super Hero pic. Why? Because Faith's swing is sitting there. Not on display for the world to see....but "just" part of her new world.
Life is in the details and that little detail didn't escape me.
Beyond happy for your crew! far as the new day at a time sista!

Unknown said...

She is gorgeous! Congratulations again and continued prayers for y'all as you continue to adjust, grow, and change with it all. It does get better though, I promise!! :)