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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Turns out, I LOVE normal!

The remnants of our dinner table probably don't mean much to you, and I'm well aware that if I left those fries sitting out for the next year they probably would look exactly the same. (I know these things because our family time capsule, The Minivan, has preserved several beyond their typical shelf life in the past year or so.)  

But, I slyly snapped this picture as we were finishing up tonight because it symbolized so much more than the quick meal that it was, grabbed by B and Becks on their way home from guitar lessons tonight.  (He's started a band.  It's called Wikkid Vömit. It is awesome.)

Something about it seemed so completely normal.  

Because normal, busy families compromise their dietary values for a value meal at Mickey D's when life got too busy that day to thaw chicken or click through Pinterest for something healthy.  They sit around their dinner table with their little ones, opening cardboard clamshells and spilling fries into their compartments.  They look at the lids to fountain sodas to determine which beverage belongs to who based on which button is pushed down to indicate diet.  They peel cheap toys from plastic wrapping and serve bites of french fry to the baby.  Normal family stuff.

So many days, even weeks, have felt very, very far from normal lately.  Even a year after I wrote this post, I still don't feel the steady equilibrium that I felt before parenting a kiddo with a chronic illness. 

 In fact, the Abby that wrote posts before November 2013 isn't the same Abby that writes now.  

I have a deeper understanding and appreciation for life.  A wisdom that comes from knowing another world that is foreign to most.  A strength and endurance I can only attribute to my Heavenly father.  The wholeheartedly ability to admit that I cannot do this life on my own.  

A greater love for the average, normal day.

(Thanks for the awesome new saying, neighbor!)

Happy Tuesday :) 


Marsha McGuire said...

OMG . . . I totally get this. But then you know that. I crave 'normal,' dull, mundane and boring. I'll take a double order in fact. As I sit commenting from a hospital room, darkened as to not disturb the equilibrium of a queazy post-chemo tummy, I applaud your dining choice. I myself settled for a 1/2 snack bag of Cheetos and a day or two too old Ceasar salad from the hospital cafeteria. Fine dining!
Love you Abby and so glad to see you back on your personal blog. Dang those kiddos of yours are precious.

Deedee Wills said...

Thank you for putting life in perspective! Somehow all the little, insignificant things just sort of floated away!

Traci Clausen said...

So often, normal is the BEST! So glad you're getting glimpses of it! You're family is amazing. YOU are amazing. Breathe and enjoy :)

Teaching in the Tongass said...

YES. Love this post. We eat out (and I use that term loosely--even for drive-thru) more often than I care to admit. Here's to normalcy!

Miss DeCarbo said...

This is beautiful, Abby!

Simply Sherri Mc said...

I ❤ your normal!

Mandi Moore said...

This is exactly how I feel most days... Just making it through! I admire your strength and you faith! You are such an inspiration!

Jodi said...

This post is pure perfection!!! You have been through quite the journey. So glad to see you posting on Babbling Abby again :)

Katie Knight said...

I love normal. You rock normal like a BOSS and you deserve some normal after a good long spell of hectic.

Sarah Cooley said...

Love you! You have such a precious family!