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Monday, June 4, 2018

Summer Celebrations

Ah, summertime. My three favorite months of the year. I love the sunshine, the freedom, the warmth, and the endless adventure that define June, July, and August. Sundresses and evening cocktails on the patio are a nice perk, too, of course.

We have plenty of days with things to do and places to be and just as many days of unscheduled opportunities to let boredom and possibility dictate our agenda.  

We're one week into Summer Vacation and its kickoff has been nothing short of lovely. We've immersed ourselves in all things summery - from bubbles and chalk to skipping naptime(s) so that we could spend the afternoon at the library or pool. 

Our outside time has increased substantially and it makes my heart all kinds of happy to smooch sun-kissed cheeks when I tuck all of them into bed.
Yesterday, we celebrated my mama's sixty-first birthday with baked spaghetti, toasted garlic bread, and a delicious homemade banana blueberry cake that my sister made. The weather was near perfect and the cousins - human and canine alike - easily entertained each other so that adult conversation could actually be enjoyed.
Let's just take a moment and appreciate the beauty that is this cake. Tasted just as good as it looked.
I think what I really like about summer is that the ordinary feels like magic. And, it's truly the regular, seemingly unspecial moments that actually make up life, so summer is sweeter and more indulgent that any other time of year because those moments are plentiful.
There are still camps to attend and deadlines to meet and vacation adventures to be had, but my number one goal this summer is to find joy in it all: the sticky post-popsicle fingers, untimely fifteen-minute car snoozes because we are having too much fun to remember nap time, and the smell of the sun on their bodies before baths. 

Here's to you, Summer.
Happy Monday!

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