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Thursday, October 8, 2009

I've got nothing.

I've got nothing.

Nothing of real imoportance to tell you, that is. Other than it's rained the entire first day of my fall break. And, really, I'm okay with that. Because I felt accomplished today, all holed up in my home, spending time with Becks. And the washer and dryer, of course. Because, well, I had heaps and heaps of laundry to befriend me on this washed up day. Everyone will now have clean undies tomorrow for the first time in a month. Yay! {J/K} I'm thinking I should retitle this blog something that pertains to laundry...and maybe Diet Coke. Since I talk about both so frequently.

{Is anyone else watching Grey's right now and taking note that every shot of Meredith is from the chest up to hide her baby belly?}

Like I said, I've really got nothing tonight. I could detail our plans for tomorrow. But I think I will wait until I have pictures to go along with a post. Here's a hint: it rhymes with sumpkin satch. And Becks will be bedecked in orange to match the sumpkins we will be searching for. Actually, he calls them "mah" for reasons unknown to those of us older than 15-months. My best interpretation is that I bought him a very, very small one at the grocery store a week or so ago and he says "mah" to indicate "mine" and that I shouldn't touch it unless I ask him first.

To end my post about nothing, I will leave you with a cute pic of a little something...

He's suddenly taken to eating apples and watching Sesame Street. In a chair. Like he's a big boy or something.


Gina said...

He IS a big boy in that chair in those jeans! SUCH a cutie. Looking forward to the pumpkin patch pics!

Unknown said...

gosh he's getting SO big! have fun at the sumpkin satch, can't wait for pics!

Duet Diva said...

we are headed to the smumpkin smash on Monday. Have fun:)

Unknown said...

Okay girl that is too funny that we went to the same pumpkin patch. What are the odds? haha I think we debated about going to like five different ones, and my hubby had been to that one before so that's where we went! It would have been awesome to run into you and cute little Beck. We should just meet up sometime!