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Friday, February 5, 2010

Sick Day

Becks was up at 4am crying loudly about the travesty of running a 102 degree fever. I went bounding up the stairs, an eyedropper full of tylenol in hand, to battle this nasty bug. He was so hot and upset and pitiful looking. I brought him downstairs where we snuggled on him and offered him juice. I cranked out some quick lesson plans and called in for the day. I hate when he's at this age and can't communicate just how bad he feels. But I could tell he wasn't feeling good at all.

So, I'm home today. With a feverish baby. And no furniture which to snuggle upon.

Fortunately, the tylenol/motrin combo is doing its job and Becks is feeling better for the moment, though that fever hasn't broken yet. He managed to slurp some oatmeal and play with the sander. We've already cancelled our girlfriend's dinner tonight, and I wonder if the impending snowstorm of doom will delay our hardwood plans too. B's determined, so we'll see.
Thanks for your well wishes for my boy!


Nat said...

Feel better Becks and Mommy- I can't imagine how hard having a sick baby must be :(
And feel free to re-post my blizzard survival guide, hahaha! Apparently they're calling for 2 feet here, we're going to go stir crazy!

Heather B. said...

BOO for sick babies!!! I hate it when they can't tell where they are hurting or what's wrong. I hope he's feeling better really soon! :(

Anonymous said...

Feel better Becks! I love your little Red Wings bib!! Makes me homesick :-(

Paige said...

I hope that Becks starts feeling better very soon!