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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snuggling and More Snuggling

This is Becks eating the aforementioned Walmart Great Value Mountain Trailmix that you should NOT run out and buy right now if you're on a diet, hate the chocolate-peanut-raisin combo, or don't like getting a good deal. Because this stuff is addicting and you will eat a WHOLE bag within 48 hours of purchasing it, necessitating a trip to Walmart immediately. (PS. Who knew necessitating was a word?! Thank you, spell check.)

We've been doing a whole lotta this lately. Because my little pumpkin pie insists upon being thisclose to me at all times. And, because I've come to the conclusion that it's a "phase," I'm going to suffer through the snuggling. Yes, that was sarcasm you were sensing. Count your blessings, mamas.

When we're not snuggling, Becks is doing this. A lot. (Repeat to self: phase phase phase phase.) Or, he could be crying because who in their right mind would opt for this putrid green color on such a great magazine/book basket? Since I knew such an ugly green basket would likely sit upon the shelf at Goodwill basking in its ugliness for an eternity, I decided to buy it and console it by telling it I will spray paint it a lovely shade of white here in the near future. And give it magazines and board books to hold and love on.

I also picked up some other pieces thrifting in the past two weeks. The lamp was our's already, but the table ($15), lovely blue cake stand ($5), and book basket ($3) are all new additions. I can't wait to show you how I'm using the cake stand! Watch for a future post :)


Gina said...

This summer I hope to do some cute stuff with spray paint! And I love that trail mix!

Jillian said...

Snuggles are great!!

kara battel said...

aww how sweet- snuggle it up- it is a phase :) they all need their mommas at some point! i have the exact same cake stand in white-- it's ages old and i love it! but seriously- what else can you do with a cake stand??? can't wait for that post!