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Monday, April 12, 2010

Brief weekend recap.

There was no time for sleeping this weekend. We were busy, busy busy. But, a pile full of pillows + your trusty pair of pliers, are a super combo for relaxing after a long day's work.

As you can see by the safari hat, we were off to the zoo. On of our favorite frequently visited spots.

The spring foilage was absolutely gorgeous. I wish we had a nicer camera and a cooperative kiddo. Posing among posies wasn't an ideal activity when there were gibbons and meerkats to be seen. (And, I do realize he is not posing in front of posies here. It was for alliteration's sake only.)

Beck was absolutely beat afterwards. We were too :)
I hope you are having a gorgeous Monday. I am off to the dentist at 3:15pm (and I HATE the dentist passionately) and am {gulp} bringing Beckham along with me. This will be a treat for both of us. In the most sarcastic way possible.


Unknown said...

aww yay for the zoo. We def need to get together and go this summer.

Gina said...

Cute photos! I feel your dental pain...hopefully not literally...I have to get a filling tomorrow. Bah.

Mommy Webb said...

I love my dentist dearly but I would much rather see him and his crew at the grocery store than over my head pushing a metal mirror/scraper combo into my mouth. Love the zoo pics. We really do need to meet up - Shubie and I were talking about it last week.

Dr. Blomer said...

Really, the dentist is not that bad:)

Shubs said...

I must confirm...Rachie and I were on the phone the other day and decided a zoo day in Cincy is a MUST! Your thoughts?!? When's your last day of school? We were thinking a weekday...perhaps a Monday afternoon, after the boys' naps? Puh-lease!