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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dear May, Rain is soooooo last month...

Despite the rain being a bit of a downer this past weekend, and the man-colds wreaking havoc on both boys sinuses, the weekend was perfect. The best part was that it was unscripted and uneventful - something we haven't been able to say for the past two months. We had banana pancakes for breakfast, rainy days spent inside, and, best of all, no agenda to dictate that any of us had anywhere to be. It was glorious. While socializing and activity are critical to my personal well-being, we really needed a full-out family rest as we gear up for a busy summer. A summer that will be in full swing before Memorial Day even materializes and won't wind down until mid-October. We have lots to look forward to over the next several months, with weddings and vacations being the major highlights.

I even clipped coupons yesterday- something I haven't been consistently doing since we refinished the hardwood floors in February and were hit with 2 feet of snow! Shh. Don't tell. I was suffering from coupon-clipper burnout. I've been feeling really bad about it.

Also, thanks for the recommendation on not using the bed as Becks' time out spot. We switched to the stairs and it's working out well for the time being. Initially, I think he thought it was a treat - a chance to stand up and flip the light switch on and wait for the timer to ding! However, that was short-lived when I made sure that he sat on his bottom the whole time, and put the timer up and out of reach. Listening to him cry for G and Baa can be pretty heart wrenching, though. (G=giraffe lovey; baa = pacifier; G baa = a combination of the two, often used during time-out to request they join him on the stairs; I don't oblige.)

Today it is gorgeous and sunshiney (figures, right?), so I really need to kick into gear and break out the running stroller when Becks wakes up. After observing my pasty, wintry body under the incandescent lights of a dressing room this weekend, I about died at how awful I am going to look in a bathing suit here soon. Need a tan and lypo, STAT.

I think I hear Beck upstairs saying apple juice right now, as a matter of fact. I'm almost positive I woke him up making an iced coffee in the blender again, but I really needed a 3pm pick-me-up.

Lastly, Day 1 of state testing is complete. And, there are less than 25 days remaining in this school year. Amen.


Lindsey said...

How do you make your iced coffees? There's many days I need that extra boost and a Diet Coke just doesn't cut it :)

Brooke said...

Today was our first day of testing too...but it almost didn't happen because we had so many kiddos out due to the flood. Tomorrow is a double session for us...gross! Oh well, amen on day one down!