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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday, what?!

Unbelievably, it's only Tuesday.  Friday might as well be a million years away. It doesn't helped that it rained 497 inches today, thereby flooding our basement.  Grrrrr. 

But, the better news is that a new season of  Sixteen and Pregnant is starting right now.  And I realize how ridiculous it is that I continue to watch every episode, every season, but it's my weakness. That and Jersey Shore, and Diet Coke, of course.  Which, by the way, I have attempted to quit drinking.  Unsuccessfully.  I sent out a desperate email yesterday to two fellow addicts at school and thank goodness they were supplied.  Because the first day back after Spring Break required a little more than my patience.

In other news, I spent a large part of last week listening to my new favorite On Demand radio station.  Sans the strange images they flash while playing all of my 90s favorites, I am totally loving jamming to Wilson Phillips and Oasis while I clean or bake. 

Also, I went thrifting.  And - stop the world - it was scratch-a-deal day.  So, I got 50% off everything.  Which convinced me to buy the Little Tikes picnic table I had my eye on the whole time I circled the store.  Despite being lacquered in a ridiculous amount of crusty barbecue sauce, I just couldn't pass it up for five bucks.  A little soapy water and magic eraser (love those, btw!), and it was good as new. 

I also got these cutie sundresses.  If only the sun would shine and I could actually wear them. 

Also, continuing with my obsession with all things tank top I bought this flowery little number...
 And...don't tell anyone...a maternity top!  But I'm so totally wearing it now and I am anything but pregnant.  {Explanation: It's an XS which is essentially an oxymoron when used with the term maternity.  Come on, who is an XS while preggo?!  Sure as heck not me!}

Here's to Tuesday, a new season of one of my guilty pleasure, and thrifted maternity tops!  Happy mid-week, friends :)


Anonymous said...

I just love creepy, but seriously, I love reading your blog and aspire to be as crafty a teacher, mom, and thrifter you are! And witty. Okay, this is turning creepy now. I wish the town I lived in had good thrifting. Slim to none down here in the deep dirty south. Luckily home/ATL is quite the opposite!
Happy almost hump day!

Sarah said...

I've also never missed an episode of 16 & pregnant...or jersey shore...or teen mom! Such great shows!!! :)

Christa @ Little Us said...

I LOVE 16 and Pregnant/Teen Mom the whole damn franchise, I blog about it every week because I'm that obsessed, I know all their twitter accounts you know if you're interested ;)

Anonymous said...

Quitting Diet Coke is so hard! I've done it so many times :) It is much easier during a not stressful time! Good finds as the thrift shop! The little table is so cute!

Sallie said...

You crack me up! I am dying to know where you thrift? I need some fun Little Tyke-esqe stuff for Jagger. You'll have to let me know!

Miss Chelsea said...

I'm with the other Chelsea up there ^^ I just love you too. In a totally creepy never meet you in real life way. Umm hello, clearly you've got a Chelsea fan club. Feel honored yet??

Unknown said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only person who is above 24 and still obsessing over Teen Mom and 16 & Pregnant! :)

On another note, (don't hate me) I am currently pregnant and can only buy XS at Motherhood. :) Then again, I'm only 24 weeks at the moment. ;) I'm sure here in another month or so I will only be wearing moomoo's. (just kidding)


Gina said...

Great steals! The first sundress is my favorite.

Jessica said...

Your thrift store rocks! I never, ever find cute things there. So jealous!

Add me to the 'I {heart} Mr. Eraser' club.

And boo about the flood in your basement. Hope it is an easy & inexpensive fix!

Planet MarTay said...

I love that you go thrifting! A friend of mine forwarded your blog to me after I started posting "Thrifty Thursday" (an outfit which includes thrift store finds) on my blog. Keep it thrifty, girl! :-)