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Monday, May 9, 2011

It could always be worse. Right?

So.  We have had some plumbing issues as of late.  As in, all the plumbing in our house is causing us twelve kinds of drama.  And when I say all, I truly mean all.  The kitchen sink?  Yup.  The indoor drain?  Check.  The outdoor drain?  Uh huh.  The toilet.  But of course.  The shower?  Mmmm hmmm.  Oh wait.  The water heater, too. 

I am not even kidding you.  Every stinkin' bit of plumbing-related equipment in our house is having issues.  It's lots of fun.  Especially for the checkbook.  And occasionally the plunger.  To put it in perspective - take your mortgage, multiply it by three, and you'll get an idea of how much richer our local plumber is.  Oy. 

Needless to say, I'm kind of over it.  When I was talking to my mom about it tonight, I just had to break into a slap-happy giggle because seriously?!  SERIOUSLY.  It's out of control.  And also the product of living in an older home. 

The good news is that nothing has been ruined (despite the 27,000 inches or rain in the past month and a thrice flooded basement), and there has been no sewage involved.  At least not yet. 

Hold up.

Running to knock on some wood. 

I just figure that one day when we're older, B and  I will look back and reflect on the year that our money went down the drain {pun completely intended} and how comical it was that everything went wrong within a months time of each other.  You know, as if we'd not invested enough into our aging home lately with the kitchen remodel and the addition of the deck.  Figures. 

There is really no moral to this story (or pictures). And it's not really a complaint. Just a fact of life. One of the adult things we have to deal with. Like filing taxes or renewing car tags. Completely obnoxious, yet completely necessary.

And also just goes to show you that life is what happens when you're busy making other plans :)


Michelle said...

What a bummer. I feel the same. We have a fairly new (6 year old) house and our windows leaked from all this rain! So there goes a chunk of TpT money to our insurance company for the deductible. $2600 for one window. Why did I want this house with big beautiful window again? Hope everything looks up for you all soon!

Shubs said...

Abs-Colin and I JUST giggled earlier this week about how we are in "the season of life" where we constantly feel poor even though we are working so hard to be in a comfortable financial state. We keep saying-these are the days we'll look back on and laugh about when we are old and rich(er) than we are now :) Oh the joys of being young, in love, an still annoyed to have to renew our tags on our cars. LOVE you!

Jenni said...

Being a real adult is sometimes a bummer, right? There are times when things need to be fixed at our house and my husband and I look at each other and remember that we're the ones that need to fix it. Or, better yet, call someone to do it!

UpperBottom said...

be glad your husband didn't set your water tank on fire. all i'm saying

new visitor, by the way. i was nodding along through this whole story b/c whew, i've been there.

nice meeting you!