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Friday, April 11, 2014

Of character clothing and dandelions.

When Becks was a baby, I was fairly adamant that he was not going to wear character clothing.  No super heroes.  Nothing seen on The Disney Channel.  And definitely not anything cartoon related.  Polo and Baby Gap were more my style.  Even if they were thrifted.  

Then he fell in love with The Avengers, and who was I to decide he couldn't wear an Iron Man shirt?  I would be denying him of his passion.  His God-given right as a little boy.  Right up there with being dirty and having skinned knees.

 Now that he's almost six (WHAT?!) and I've matured in my parenting past the point of caring what he wears, in exchange for caring more that he has nice manners and takes a shower a few times a week, he can pretty much wear what he wants.  Character clothing or otherwise.

But, today, in a fashion statement only Becks could make, he came downstairs wearing this:

That would be a bomber jacket, sports shorts, snow boots and an oversized backpack.  #winning

You know I'm going to have to take a picture of that, I said to him, giving him the once over.  

His response: Yes, m'am.  In the sweetest voice.  

Sure, it makes a great picture - but it epitomizes his personality, carefree spirit, and childhood innocence.  Quite frankly, he rocks it.

He went outside and returned moments later with his hands behind his back.

Close your eyes, mom.

I obliged.

Hold out your hand.

I did.

First dandelion of the season.  I'll be ordered to put a lot of these in small glass vases over the next several months.  You can never have too many.  Even from a kid that wears character clothing and bomber jackets in the spring.  

I love you, Beck Man.  


P!nky said...

So cute! And so sweet!

Kimberly said...

Your post made me laugh! I too promised myself (and threatened my husband) about the character clothing. Until I realized that if he gets dressed all by himself...I don't care what he is wearing while we celebrate his independence!

A. Monroe said...

In a few years you'll be able to run your errands with a princess. It's a wonderful thing!

Katie Knight said...

love it, just love it

Sarah-Jane said...

Adorable! Your warmth has made my day!!

Book Lady said...

Abby, I have found you again.
First through Pinterest, then your website, and now here.
And how did your little boy change into a little girl Have I missed something
No matter, how wonderful to have her home with you.And what a beautiful, sensitive loving brother she has. Makes my heart sing. God bless your beautiful family.
I am just letting you know how much I love the format of the have, are, can sheet to record info - I pinned in to my Pinterest account and have now shown it on my new blog. This blogging gig is an unravelling mystery in my life, and needs dedication. Sheesh! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful ideas.
Happy mummy-ing!