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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Chuck, The Protector of the Pack-n-Play

As I mentioned last week in our zoo post, B insisted that he buy our infant son a cheetah stuffed animal. The Cheetah stuffed animal? The one that is $16? I asked. Why not a $4 cheetah figurine or a book about a cheetah that might enrich his intelligence in years to come? But, no, the cheetah stuffed animal it was. So our family adopted Chuck the Cheetah, as I have fondly named him. I think that B forsees a strong bond between Baby B and Chuck. Like Chuck will be the stuffed animal that Baby B becomes attached to and drags all over the place when he's two.

Well, despite my skepticism, adopting Chuck was a wise choice. He currently resides in the Pack-n-Play where Baby B takes his daily naps, and it appears that he actually enjoys Chuck's company.

Baby B + Chuck = BFF.

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