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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hilarity in Parenting

Sweet Precious Boy
So Baby B does a lot of grunting. He sounds like he's channeling the velociraptor made famous in the first Jurassic Park. Sometimes it's accompanied with little baby farts, sometimes little baby farts plus little baby poop, or sometimes he does it just for amusement of his doting parents.

Being that I am a Google freak, I Googled grunting baby and found an enlightening article about Grunting Baby Syndrome. And then I proceeded to laugh my face off. Apparently, GBS - as it's commonly referred to - occurs when a baby will "push, squeeze, grunt, change color and carry on only to produce a soft bowel movement." This is not what had me laughing, as I figured this was most likely the cause of our little grunter's issues anyway. What cracks me up is the supposed cure for GBS that involves inducing a bowel movement using a cotton swab. This results in...brace anal wink. HA! Analwinkanalwinkanalwink. He he he. I am still giggling.

I guess we'll take a little grunter over an anal winker any day.

Big B & Lil B doing what they do best

My little peanut (shirt courtesy of Nana K)

Ummmm, I don't think it gets any cuter than this...


Anonymous said...

He looks just like his daddy!

Unknown said...

Abby, he is getting so big! I just showed this to my mom. She loves his hair. Such a cutie!!

Smith Family Forum said...

TOOOO Cute! And who did you say the MOTHER was??? (analwink analwink!) ;)

Aunt Debbie P.

Sharon said...

You are so creative and so full of life!! Beck is so lucky!! Love all the stories and getting to see him since I haven't been there to see him in person...I will be in touch to set up a time I could visit!He is so cute!...and I do have to say he does look like your good looking husband!!! But I am sure there is lots of you in him too!!! Sharon