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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

After graduating from college three years ago (gasp!), my girlfriends and I would keep in touch by sending each other Top Ten Lists via email. These lists would include the Top Ten things going on in our lives, and were very fun to create and read.

- Time out : Baby B is telling me he's ready to wake up. I swear he knows when I'm busy doing something. Wait, it might be a false alarm... Nope, not a false alarm. Guess we're going to test my blogging while breastfeeding skills. -

So, anyway, I was getting around to explaining that I'm going to start posting a Top Ten on Tuesday after being re-inspired by this blog. Fun, huh?

Here's my first Top Ten:

10 Things I'm Not Good At...
  1. Emptying the dryer in a timely manner. I can't stand to sacrifice more electricity to re-run the dryer again, so I usually just fold/hang a bunch of wrinkly clothes. Fortunately by the time we're ready to wear something, the article of clothing is mostly de-wrinkled. If not, then I'll throw it in the dryer with a damp washcloth for five minutes. Guess I'm not as green as I thought I was.
  2. Gift-wrapping. I'm awful at it! I just don't have to coordination or patience to cut in a straight line, and then line up the paper with the pattern, and then tape it all together before it unwraps itself. I'm more of a gift-bagger. You can't really mess up tissue paper.
  3. Mailing thank-you notes. I'm a great thank-you note writer, it's just the whole putting postage on them and actually getting them mailed that I'm bad at. Mostly because I rarely have more than 2 or 3 stamps since I pay most of our bills and do most correspondence online. My intentions are good, the note might just be a month or so delayed.
  4. Sharing responsibility with others (i.e. group work). I'd rather just do it myself since, in my opinion, I'd probably do it better anyway. I think this is called micro-managing. I admit, it's a fault.
  5. Returning books to the library on time. I just got a notice in the mail today that I have 3 books overdue. Oops! Well, in my own defense, they were 14-day check-outs, and I did have a baby in the time I was supposed to be reading them. So, they're un-read, and now they're late too. Guess I'll be funding yet another wing of the library...
  6. Acting like I like a gift that I actually hate. I can't help it. I come by it honestly - inherited from my momma. I do attempt to act like I like it, but my fake cheerleader smile will only get me so far.
  7. Taking unsolicited advice. For instance, during our staycation visit to Cracker Barrel, Ms. Cashier Lady decided to enlighten us with this piece of advice in regard to Baby B, "For future reference, you really should put socks on him. I know they always say to dress a baby as you'd dress yourself, but if you don't put socks on him he's probably going to get colicky." Uh, thanks. I'm sure that the extensive research you've done regarding colic totally allows you to bestow this gem of wisdom upon me. It didn't help that she was missing teeth too.
  8. Balancing my checkbook. Omigosh, I am horrible at this! I will usually get on a kick and do a great job at it for, say, three weeks. Then, by week four, I've used my debit card forty-seven times, forgot to save my receipts, and bought something I'd rather not have a written record of (ha ha, j/k) and temporarily give up until I get the checkbook balancing bug again. But, alas, the cycle will inevitably repeat itself. (Who keeps a paper copy when you can just look it up online, anyway?!)
  9. Checking my voicemails.
  10. Remembering to bring my re-usable bags to the grocery. I bought them before Baby B came into the world. Guess how many times I've remembered to bring them to the store? Ummmm, zero times. My attempts at being green are such a failure.

Guarantee you that's a basket of wrinkly laundry on the coffee table...

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Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog Abby; you are so funny!I check it daily just to see what you guys are up to.
Aunt Debbie S.