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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Four months ago...

Check out those chunker band-aided, boo-booed baby thighs. Poor lil man.
...Baby B was one day old. I can't wrap my mind around that. Four months? That's a third of a year. Sheesh. It is beyond crazy how time just flies when you're a parent.

Baby B had his 4-month well baby check-up today + 4 vaccinations that didn't do either of us any good, well, besides prevent life threatening diseases and such. But, besides that, they had us both in tears. There is nothing sadder than an only-diapered baby, sobbing a lip-quivering cry as he looks you in the eyes, pleading, Why, mom? Why are doing this to me?! So, Baby B spent much of the past seven hours sleeping, and I've been staying up on the Infant Tylenol regimen every four hours. Bless his little heart.

To celebrate Baby B's 4-months, I will list our favorite nicknames for him...

Variations of his real name
Baby B (obviously)
Little B
Little Bear
Big Man
Cutie Pie
Punkin Pie
Sweet Puh-tay-tuh

I call him Peanutbutter and Little Bear most often. B calls him B. Things might get confusing eventually since I refer to Big B as B in real life too.

Me soothing a sad Little Bear :(

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Sugar and Spice said...

Yep, I tried to use super glue first and that would not work. The hot glue gun worked very well and I used the ribbon to cover any slight mess ups.