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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Guest Post from Baby B #2

Hello again, Baby B here.

Life just continues to get more interesting every day. I loooooooooooooove playing with my hands. And dad's hands. And mom's hand. I am just figuring out how to use them to grab and taste things. My favorite things to taste are a) my hands and b) my softies. Mmmmm!

Since I am three months old now, I like to sit in my bumbo and wait for dad to come home from work. Dad thinks this is fun, too. He likes to crawl up the front stairs and try to surprise me. I am too amused by him looking like a turtle with his backpack on to be interested in much else. He's silly.

Mommy thought that maybe if we put our faces right next to each other we'll be able to find some similarities in our looks.....nope, I still look just like dad. Right down to the spiky hair.
Did you know that I love softies? This is me with like six of them. I'm a snuggler.

Have a great Wednesday!

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