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Monday, October 20, 2008

How come...

...the minute I sit down to nurse/pump my cell phone rings? And it's on the table. Across the room.

...when Baby B is bawling in the backseat of the car, I catch every gosh darn traffic light within a mile of our house? And it seems like they've multiplied and increased the amount of wait time between lights.

...strangers feel obligated to profess how "well fed" Baby B is? Or refer to him as a "porker." This, by the way, in unacceptable and it makes me want to nicely comment on how ample your butt is. But I'll mean it nicely. I promise.

...strangers feel the need to touch Baby B? ON THE FACE. IT'S FLU SEASON, PEOPLE! Keep your hands to yourself. Or, if you must touch, stick with his Robeez-covered toes.

...there are always bottles to be cleaned? Didn't I just clean them? I nurse, for goodness sake, where do they come from?!

...I suddenly find every baby bodily function very endearing? Buuuuuurp! Awwwww! Toooooot! Awwwww! Spit up all over the outfit I just changed you into. Awwwww!

...there's no other people in the world I'd rather spend time with than my boys?


Mommy Webb said...

I can relate with every single one of these. The "butt" comment CRACKED me up!!!

Anonymous said...

I too hated it when strangers would grab my little one's hand. Since Hunter was a preemie, people felt some stange need to touch him. In fact, that first year I was so germaphobic with Hunter that I resorted at times to putting baby socks on his hands in public places-this of course was before the times of nice "baby mittens"-so we really looked dumb, but it served the purpose! With the second one I/we weren't so bad.
Aunt Debbie

The Ossege Family said...

If you ever find the answer to any of these questions...I better be the first person you call!!! It never fails at our house, I try to feed/laydown Austin with the door shut Kimberly comes bouncing in. Becks is looking so cute, I loved the video of him laughing. These little boys are growing up way to fast on us Abby. Pumpkin patch pics were adoreable too!