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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Three Months Old

Sweet Baby B is three months old today.

I can hardly believe that three months ago from today he was only 5 and a half hours old, and I could hardly imagine how much joy he would bring to our lives. I mean, I knew I was going to love him lots, but I'm overwhelmed every day by how I just love him more and more and more with each passing second.

I wake up in the morning in the almost-dark to see these big, dark eyes staring up at me, a crinkly little nose, and then he smiles from behind his paci and I just melt into a big pile of mushy and gushy all over the place. Oh, he's just the sweetest little guy around.

Here's what we've learned about Baby B in the past 3 months...

1. That Baby B is a char-mer. You've never seen a more precious gummy smile until you've laid eyes on this toothless-wonder. Especially when it's 10:30pm at night and you're trying desperately to finish your lesson plans and the monitor is registering 5 illuminated red lights signifying the cry of the century is about to commence, and you run up the stairs three at a time and the minute you peer into the pack-n-play he's magically Mr.Grinning Goose. And then you swoop him into your arms and kiss the cheeks off of him, silently scolding yourself for being such a sucker. And then you remember, he's only this little once. Sigh.

2. He adores a good softie. We're talking two or three right against or over his face. He can't get enough. In fact, he likes them so much he tries to eat them - double-fisted, no less.

3. He cannot STAND his carseat. No siree. I cannot count how many times my arm has fallen asleep as it extends beyond human reach to rummage for his paci in his carseat while still manning the steering wheel with the other hand. Safe? Probably not. Sanity saving? Most definitely.

4. He continues to be a boob man. And we are both proud of that. The mommymilk is chunkin' up this little butterball, as his face is consumed by soft and smoochable milk-baby cheeks. (Also, an excellent dieting trick for mommy. I firmly believe he's literally sucking the excess baby weight right out of me. I can see now why people breastfeed until their kid is four. Not that I personally have any desire to do that, but what better way to consume half a Dewey's pizza guilt free and still lose weight and provide your child with the most nutritionally sound nourishment possible? IT'S AWESOME.)

5. He continues to be a clone of his father. Seeing them face-to-face is like seeing an age progression from birth to 26 years. The resemblance is uncanny. Again, thank goodness B's got the good looks going on.

6. He's not a grunter any longer. But he's on the verge of giggling any day. I will probably cry the day he does.

7. He loves a good football game. I guess all men are drawn to image of a green field on a TV screen. B keeps saying that we need to get some soccer stations so he can watch real football, but unless it comes on one of the seven channels that we don't have to pay for, then the Bengals and Wolverines are it.

8. He sleeps through the night. PraiseJesusAmen.

9. When he sees the camera he puts on his Hansel face. Smiles to seriousness like that.
Exhibit A

10. He is the love of my life and I cannot imagine life without him. He has certainly showed me that time flies and that I seriously have to make the most of every second that I am blessed to spend with him. While three months of pregnancy seemed like eternity, three months of mommydom seems like three seconds.

Baby Beck, if you ever read this, your daddy and I love you more than you will ever ever ever know.


The Ossege Family said...

It has been so much fun watching you change from pre-baby Abby to post-baby Abby, obviously for the better! Keep up the great work, it's easy to see that precious little boy is so loved!

P.S. Got a long-term sub in FT, details to come :)

The White Family said...

Wow Abby! He is changing so much! Actually, I can see you in him a little now! He is getting so strong, holding his head up so well! I can't wait to see the little fella again! The lake house is a great idea! You guys just let us know!