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Sunday, September 7, 2008

This week I will..

1. Paint my toes. I haven't painted them since before Baby B was born. I had an excuse - I couldn't reach them. Now I have none. I'm just too busy, which is no excuse for ugly tootsies.

2. Put the laundry away. It is clean. It is keeping our bedroom floor company. In multiple stacks. I don't even know why I folded it in the first place.

3. Mail thank-you notes. I told you I was bad at this.

4. Condense Baby B's first floor bedroom. Possibly move it to top floor, with the exception of the changing table.

5. Turn Baby B's first floor bedroom into office/catch-all room. At least when it gets unbelievably messy I can close the door.

6. Cut coupons and organize them.

7. Mail Rachel's baby shower gifts. Her shower was two months ago and she now has the baby. I am way behind on the times.

8. Decorate the walls in living room. We've lived here over a year and I just can't decide what would look best on the big blank wall that stares at us when we sit on the couch.

9. WORK OUT. I am ten pounds away from my pre-baby weight (amen, thank the Lord Almighty), so the breastfeedind diet is working out studpendously. For those of you who didn't know, I put on a WHOPPING 59lbs with Baby B, and if you told me it was all in my belly, well, you're a liar. I do, however, want to be back down to my pre-baby weight ASAP and one of my best girls is getting married in May of '09 and I have to be fitted for my dress in November. So, I have t-minus 2 months to knock away at the last ten - which, of course, are always the hardest to part with. Beck's pediatrician referred to it as "the hostess gift." Too funny.

10. Prepare for garage sale that is set to occur in two weekends. It is amazing the amount of clutter two people can accumulate in two years of marriage. I think it multiplies when you have a basement too. Like the Stuff Fairy christens you with four times what you had in your apartment.

Please be my accountability partners! This stuff has to get done! It may seem a little over zealous, but I have faith that I can get it done and be a superstar mom and be a rockstar kindergarten teacher!

And, because I owe you from last week, here is a picture of Sweet Precious. Check out his onesie. Love it.

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