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Sunday, September 21, 2008

I know...I know...

I'm a big blog slacker. My friend, Lindsay, recently posted about her personal blog-slackerness, and I am totally right there with her. After the Great Blackout 2008, we're still trying to get things together at the M household, so I guess I have an excuse.

We do have power now, and I will post more about how we rojoiced in the streets on Friday night at 11:00pm when our electricity was restored. I wanted to embrace the Duke Energy technician. Not kidding.

I will also post about Baby B's first outing to see the Cinci Reds, and the baby dedication service at church. I will also post about how I have totally not got around to his birth announcements yet. But, again, I have an excuse - I was waiting for his baby acne to clear up. It was rough, but it only lasted a month as his pediatrician promised.


More tomorrow when I'm a little more organized and a little less tired. Peace.

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