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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

As soon as I'm finished blogging tonight, I am going to make brownies. I mostly bake brownies because I adoooooore eating the batter. Raw eggs? Salmonella? Pffff. I love me some ooey gooey chocolatey brownie batter.
So, anyway, B and I are sitting around being boring tonight. We took Baby B on a walk, ate some dinner, and now we're watching The Biggest Loser. I'm such a fair weather reality TV show watcher. Survivor, The Biggest Loser, Big Brother - I love each season the last, like, four episodes. It just doesn't get interesting until then, ya know?

The above pix show Baby B sporting, what we refer to around the Babbling household, as The Hedgehog. Post bath, when I'm not fauxhawking his tresses, I'm slathering his scalp with Aquafor and spiking it into tiny peaks all over his head. Surprisingly, he wakes up every morning with wonderfully soft, non-greasy hair. Sometimes it's even still spiked.

If I've never mentioned it before, that little Peanut has TERRIBLE eczema. Like, we can't wash his clothes/blankets/Stinky G in anything but the unscented detergent, and his skin can only tolerate Dove Sensitive body wash; otherwise, he breaks out terribly and scratches his noggin and belly like crazy. So, his nightly bath routine includes loads of Auquafor and Eucerin, thus resulting in many fun photo ops. Love him.

Speaking of laundry detergent, we're completely out of the unscented variety at our house. And, since I refuse to separate our clothes from Baby B's clothes, the laundry monster is rearing its ugly head in the basement. Growl. Isn't it pathetic that three-fourths of our clothes are probably piled up in the basement, and yet I can still find clean clothes to wear? I need to lessen my environmental footprint and donate what I don't wear.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Wednesday. I have senioritis summeritis kindergartenitis I think. This is when the sunny sky outside reduces attention spans, induces excessive amounts of talking, and results in lots of color changes ultimately making me, the teacher, develop a repetitive twitch and go cross-eyed every time I have remind them to RAISE THEIR HANDS. We're actually re-introducing detention at our school, and *yes* I am totally allowed to send unruly 5-year-olds there. And you bet your Hannah Montana/Pokemon eraser that I will send you there, little buddy. Try me.


The Ossege Family said...

I LOVE the hedgehog! Too
c-u-t-e!!! That stinks about the eczema, my niece has it real bad too.

At least you don't have to buy new lenses for your daughter 6 months after the 1st pair. Her eyes have worsened by 8 steps (that's a big deal).

What is this about filling out a job application??? All that silly paperwork is just killing the planet, don't they know that. Plus, that's what I'm suppose to be doing, not you :)(

Joy said...

We love to do the same thing with EJ's hair. I agree, it's amazing how she will wake up not greasy. But what's really neat is that her hair will still have the curl I put in it on top of her head. I kinda of always give her this little horn.

She has also dealt with some eczema but what worked wonders on her was the eczema cream from Disney. Expensive as all get out but after two tubes of the "thickest goop on Earth" it never came back. Now we just rub her down with generic Aveeno. Although I will use the J&J lavender stuff on her head cuz it just smells so great.

Hang in there! Summer's almost here!


Nat said...

Could Baby B be any cuter?!?!
I have horrible eczema in the winter and I Eucerin Calming Cream, it's amazing!
I also only watch those show at the end too.. Biggest Loser had me crying last night, I'm such a sap for that stuff!