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Monday, May 4, 2009


It's May. Officially and wonderfully, May. Praise God, hallelujah. May just seems like a great big breath of fresh air after this past week which was full of wet weather. The anticipation of summer, coconut flavored tanning lotion, and babies in life jackets makes it one of the more tolerable and lovely months of the year. The brightly blooming flowers help a little too. Our azaleas look absolutely stunning.

I wish I had something more interesting to post about tonight, but I am e-x-h-a-u-s-t-e-d. I have been working on my job application tonight. My position was a one-year contract, so it had to be reposted before I can reclaim it AND I have to go through this hellacious application process that is even more excruciating since I could write pages upon pages about literacy and best practice strategies and because I am wordy and I love teaching so much and I really really really think that this is turning into a whopper of a run on sentence...but I don't care because that's the tired talking. And the tired is all about talking in run-on sentences tonight.

If you wanted to know, Baby B is still cute. Especially when he says boom, or when he makes the baby sign for "more" which is fricken fracken adorable (i.e. "I need MORE expensive Gerber strawberry banana puffs, please!"). He's also cute when he poses with his momma when she's rockin' big, crazy, 80s hair. It rained in Cumberland ALL WEEKEND LONG, and this was the only hairstyle forgiving of the endless torrential downpours we were caught in.
Baby B also let us fix his crazy baby hair with clothespins. Snicker, snicker...I did find these darling, thrifty finds for the boy child this weekend - a little red checkered jumper and new Stride Rites for under $10. The shoes alone were regularly $40, so I'm considering this a steal. If this post is incoherent, grammatically incorrect or otherwise random, please take it up with the management. And the management is going to bed in about 5 minutes, so good luck with that.


Jessica said...

Hey! I was just reading through a couple of your older posts & catching up. Your post on 4/30...I am totally with ya on the whole eating thing! I don't know what the heck I'm going to do when I quit breastfeeding! I have gotten so used to eating all I want & more w/out worrying about it one bit! Guess I'll have to really hit the gym! haha Anyways, I just thought that was funny & wanted to say hello. Love your blog, by the way! Baby B is too cute! Have a good day!

michelle said...

LOVE the picture of Baby B in the lifejacket. Adorable!

Mommy Webb said...

I love the curly hair. So cute! I always wished my hair had a little natural bend:).