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Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Recent conversation with my husband while he's edging around the mulch in the front yard...

B: So, I guess I'm going to straighten out this edge here...

Me: Yeah, uh, good idea. So, I've been wanting a chocolate milkshake. For five days in a row.

B: How far do you think I should come out? (motioning with shovel in the general direction of the mulch)

A: (Pointing) There looks good. Five nights in a row, B. Five nights.

B: Hmm?

A: (Walking inside) Just let me know if you find any chocolate milkshakes out there in the mulch.

PMS, anyone?


The Ossege Family said...

I am shocked! You mean B didn't jump right in the car and get you a chocolate milkshake?

Husbands bewilder me sometimes...even when you say it directly to them, they still miss it!

Check out my blog tomorrow night, you will laugh. I went into cleaning/organization hyperdrive tonight and Randy point blank asked me if I was pregnant. Which I am 100% NOT!!! Maybe I need to clean more often, so he doesn't jump to such crazy conclusions...hee hee!

Nat said...

I over loved my chocolate milkshake I had on Monday, I could seriously drink one every day!
Make B bring you one home!!

Unknown said...


Too funny!

I just wanted to let you know that I gave you a blog award come pick it up at my blog!